2017-2020 OPTIONAL Custom Raptor PRO Fog Harness (UNIVERSAL) Choose Your Connector Style

by Specialty Performance Parts

$64.99 $69.99
2017+ Raptor Custom Fog Harness
This OPTIONAL Custom Fog Light Kit harness gives a plug and play solution vs using the standard Rigid D-Series Universal Harnesses. 

Already cut to length, just plug in 1,2,3 Lights on one side, then 1,2,3 on the other.
Then one ground ring connector and the 3 switch wires to the switches. Quick, easy, plug and play.
The Harness will work with ANY of our universal Plug Packs. 
  • If you buy Rigid Industries PRO lights, choose the 2 Way DT Connector Style
  • If you buy Baja Designs Lights, Choose the Weather Pack Connector Style
  • If you have Rigid Industries Radiance, Scene or 360 lights and want to put 3 way DT plugs on them, you can choose the 3 way connector. 
  • (Note: The reason the 3 way connector style is $4 more per set is because it will ALSO include a pair of the female plugs to put on your lights themselves.)
Or, if you have a mixture, mix and match. 
The ends that go to the switches also include bullet connectors for quick and easy installation and movability if you decide you want to change switches for your lights.

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