Demo/Take Off Kit - 2017-2020 BUILD YOUR OWN Ford F-150 Raptor No Drill OEM Bumper Universal Light Mount Kit #36201 & #36206

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As we transition to our next Gen demo/Prototype truck, we have lots of cool Products we are taking off the current one. 

Save money on this LIKE NEW take off Universal Bumper Mount Kit...

It includes everything you need to install and will come with full warranty as you will be the first owner.


For those of you who want a NO DRILL option to truly customize whatever lights you can imagine on your Raptor, this is it.

The Base kit comes with the Mounting hardware. All you need to do is select you optional lights to complete the kit.

This Bracket kit gives you the versatility of a custom Bumper, without the need to replace your OEM bumper. 

Key features-

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black textured powder coat finish
  • Adjustable slots for both the lights and for the mounting of the bar to the bumper mounts
  • Universal fitment for lighting
  • Mounting holes in the back underside to zip tie and secure your wiring
  • No drill. Direct Bolt on.


  • The top mount plate has 5 slots. Each slot is large enough to accept bolts from Baja designs, Rigid Industries and many other makes.
  • This mount kit allows you to add up to 10 of the smaller POD or round lights, such as Rigid D-series, Rigid Radiance, Rigid 360 4" 
  • You can mount up to 5 larger lights such as the Baja LP6, or Rigid 360 6"
  • You can mount a combination of the smaller 4" and 6" lights
  • You can mount a smaller series light bar AND a combination of pod lights.
  • Because the camera is important to many people, you can choose to leave space in the center for visibility and mount the lights on the outer areas.

Key benefits to this kit over a replacement aftermarket bumper-

  • Less weight - Aftermarket Steel bumpers weigh well over 100 lbs. The point of the GEN 2 Raptor was weight savings.
  • No Rust - These Mounts and brackets are Stainless Steel. Aftermarket bumpers are normal steel and will rust over time. Generally from the inside out or around the welds because the powder coat can't cover the inside effectively
  • Less cost over an aftermarket bumper
  • More custom mounting options


Kit Includes-

- 4 X 6" Rigid 360s - 2 Spot #36201 and 2 Driving #36206  with AMBER Backlight

 (Each Pair of Rigid 360 Series 6" Lights sell for $597.99)

Rigid 360 Round 6" Lights produce 8600 Lumens EACH

- 2 Custom Wire Harnesses (which can be combined)

- Our Universal Black Powdercoated No Drill Bumper Mounts with Universal Curved light mount. (Sells for $449.99)

(You can position the 2 6" lights on each side like pictured so they don't interfere with your camera at all.)

NOTE: This kit is for the mounts, and 4 LARGE round lights on the top side of the bumper. Not the fogs or Grille Light bars