Universal Rear Pro Harness for Raptor 17-20 With Plugs (Works for all Rigid & Baja Lights)

by Specialty Performance Parts

$39.99 $49.99

This harness runs from 2 Rigid Pod lights OR Baja Designs Pod Lights (And any others with DT or Weatherpack Connectors) from the back of a Raptor or F-150, or Superduty all the way to the engine bay and switches. 

This OPTIONAL Custom Rear Light Kit harness gives a plug and play solution vs using the standard Rigid D-Series or Baja Designs or others, generic harnesses. 

The Harness will work with ANY of our universal Plug Packs. 

  • If you buy Rigid Industries PRO lights, choose the 2 Way DT Connector Style
  • If you buy Baja Designs Lights, Choose the Weather Pack Connector Style
  • If you have Rigid Industries Radiance, Scene or SRL lights and want to put 3 way DT plugs on them, you can choose the 3 way connector. (Note: The reason the 3 way connector style is $4 more is because it will ALSO include a pair of the female plugs to put on your lights themselves.)


This will also work in ANY other Truck such as a Ranger, Silverado, Dodge, Etc with the addition of a relay in the engine bay and switch.

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