SPV Parts Rental OBD2 Port Program Module (For ROUSH Calibrations/Tuning) See details...

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This is a special Module designed to work with a laptop, to connect to the ROUSH database, and install an authorized ROUSH tune for a Power Pac, or a Supercharger without needing to see a dealer.

IMPORTANT! Laptop required with a GOOD wifi internet connection. You will need to download the ROUSH RDT Software program from ROUSH.com and install it on your laptop to use this USB interface Module.

This is a "Rental" loaner, ETC. 

  • You will pay $350 (Or $650 with a laptop) up front.
  • We will priority Ship the module to you with a return label. When we get the module back, we will refund $200 for the module/$575 for the laptop with module. The $50/$75 basically covers postage and little bit of handling and restocking/inspecting. If you used a discount code, we will adjust the refund accordingly to adapt to the $50/$75 loaner fee. 
  • We ask you to return the module within 2 weeks of receiving it.

We also ask that if you want to rent this and are going to Purchase a ROUSH Power Pac or Supercharger, please give us the opportunity to sell it to you. Let us know how we can. This program is really a courtesy for our ROUSH customers, so it really helps if you get your ROUSH stuff from us too. We won't exclude anyone though.

LAST.... If you don't have a dependable laptop, choose that option on here "With Laptop". It will work the same, however you would pay $650 and get a refund of $575 when you return it. In comparison, a dealer would charge $200-$300 to program your vehicle typically. This kit would eliminate that need.

Let us know if you have any questions.


SPVparts is not responsible for installation issues or warranty issues on your vehicle. 

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