Universal A-Pillar Harness for Raptor 17-20 (Also compatible w/ F-150/Ranger with additional Relay) for all Rigid & Baja Lights)

by Specialty Performance Parts

$34.99 $49.99

Relay REQUIRED for non Raptor Applications
(Raptors have a built in Relay and fuse)


10-14 & 17-20 Raptor-

-Choose standard no plugs for Radiance, Scene or 360 Series (you can also choose the 3 Way plug option, but it isn’t necessary)

-Choose 2 Way DT plugs for all Rigid D-Series, Or Sideshooter

-Choose 2 Way WeatherPack plugs for Baja Designs Lights

All other Applications (F-150, Ranger, Jeep, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Etc)

-In addition to choosing the proper plugs based on your lights, you should also choose the plug in Relay Harness with built in Fuse. You can then run the trigger wire to a switch inside the vehicle. 


The Harness will work with ANY of our universal Plug Packs. 
  • If you buy Rigid Industries PRO lights, choose the 2 Way DT Connector Style
  • If you buy Baja Designs Lights, Choose the Weather Pack Connector Style
  • If you have Rigid Industries Radiance, Scene or SRL lights and want to put 3 way DT plugs on them, you can choose the 3 way connector. (Note: The reason the 3 way connector style is $4 more is because it will ALSO include a pair of the female plugs to put on your lights themselves.)


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