Best Places to Take Your Ford Raptor: Part 2

We’ve told you before about some of the exciting places to take your Ford Raptor, but there’s more! These off-road trails are full of natural obstacles to test your Raptor. Take the challenge over rocks, soft and hard dirt, snow, mud, and water through these locations across North America. From the dry trails in Texas to the dense forests of British Columbia, the humid Florida swamps to the Hawaiian tropics, you can find an off-road trail that’s perfect to drive over. From these, you can see any sort of wildlife and historic landmarks that are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Stop waiting and jump in your truck today to see some of the best places to take your Ford Raptor in Part 2 of our blog series.

Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

The first off-road destination on this list is not in the United States. In fact, it’s in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. Whipsaw Trail is a 64-mile trail near the city of Princeton. The scenic drive is perfect to view the densely populated forests and river. There are elevation peaks at 6,000 feet. Additionally, it’s ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. With numerous ponds, cabins, and side trails, Whipsaw Trail is perfect for any nature enthusiast. It’s best to visit between July and August when the rains are lowest, otherwise you might get stuck in the mud!

Azusa Canyon, California

Azusa Canyon is a state-owned Southern California off-road hotspot. Right near the San Gabriel River, this trail is filled with mud, bogs, rocks, and sand. Physically active enthusiasts find leisure in the many outdoor activities to do in the area, like hike, fish, or swim in the local streams. It’s important to note that to get into the park, your vehicle must abide by state regulations. You must use approved spark arresters and mufflers. Also, you must drive within 15 mph and must adhere to the operating hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hollister Hills SVRA, California

The Upper Ranch and Hudner Ranch of the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) serve four-wheeled vehicles like Jeeps and trucks. This 800-acre plot is 24-miles of 4x4-specific trails and two campgrounds. Because of its location on the San Andreas Fault, the Upper Ranch has sandy granite soil and steep terrain. The soil is clay rich, and there are rolling hills covered in grasslands and woodlands. The Hudner Ranch is 1,500 acres and offers rolling hills and grasslands. Enjoy the exceptional views on this trail, but keep in mind most of the trails are narrow. Smaller trucks and all-terrain vehicles may have an easier time through this.

Redneck Yacht Club, Florida

While it’s not the Craig Morgan song of the same name, this off-road park is just as exciting. Located in Punta Gorda, Florida, this place is perfect for trucks, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. It’s an 800-acre park catered to off-road enthusiasts with its three mud holes, mud track, and riding trials. Spectators can view any of the mega mud truck races, truck pulls, and mud drags. There is also a campground, concert stage, and concession booths. The Redneck Yacht Club is a true adventure park for adrenaline junkies.

Lanai, Hawaii

There are many reasons why people visit Hawaii: white sandy beaches, crystal -lear waters, and amazing resorts. Still, one of the other activities to do is go off-roading. Considering it only has 30 miles of paved road surfaces, Lanai has over 400 miles of off-road opportunities. Only four-wheel vehicles can travel down the 4.8-mile Kanepu Reserve to see the rock garden Keahiakawelo. Travel 4.7 miles farther and you’ll reach the stunning white sands of Polihua Beach. You also must have a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the historic fishing retreat Kaunolu Village. From there, you can see these surviving prehistoric ruins, which are protected as US National Historic Landmark and National Register of Historic Places. Not to mention the views of the sea cliffs and native wildlife. Since this is considered a sacred place, you must be respectful.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is situated right in the mountains of the Sawtooth National Forest. While there are some trails to follow with inclines, drop-offs, and rocky sections, this spot is more known for its sights and sounds. Mainly, off-roaders enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, hunting, or white-water rafting. The exquisite landscape is perfect to see some Idaho wildlife. Timber wolves, wolverines, beavers, elk, trout, and salmon are abundant in the area.

The Mounds ORV Area, Michigan

Another addition to the second part of the best places to take your Raptor is the Mounds Off-Road Vehicle Park, also referred to as the Mounds. This off-road park features rock, sand, dirt, water, and mud trails suitable for dirt bikes, Jeeps, quads, ATVs, and trucks. To enter, you must possess a State of Michigan ORV permit with an annual or daily Mounds permit and federally approved spark arresters. You cannot enter protected wetland areas, and you must always wear protective eye protection and head protection unless your vehicle has a full windshield and equipped with a manufactured-grade roof.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas, is an off-road park catered to dirt bikes, ATVs, and full-sized 4x4 vehicles. It has over 240 miles of marked trails full of soft and hard-packed dirt and rocks. While not considered a mud trail, occasionally there may be mud options. Like many other off-road parks, you can see some intricate scenery of waterfalls and natural springs. You can also campout in a tent, RV, cabin, or bunkhouse as well.

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Best Places to Take Your Ford Raptor: Part 2