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Ford F-150 Power Packs

Specialty Performance Parts is dedicated to providing our customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Here, you’ll find various high-quality Roush F-150 power packs exclusively for Ford trucks.

We carry a selection of level one and two Roush Performance Pacs based on your vehicle’s year. Our assortment of Roush F-150 power packs was carefully selected and is sure to satisfy every truck owner’s needs. These power packs will pick up speed and power at a level unlike any other. With performance-enhancing technology combined with the expertise of Roush calibration engineers, your F-150 will accelerate better than ever with increased throttle, torque, and horsepower.

With these Roush F-150 power packs, it’s now easier than ever to reach desired performance without compromising drivability. Shop our Ford power packs today to find the F-150 performance enhancer for you!