Below you will find links to installation instructions for MANY of our kits. We will expand this list as time goes on. We may add instructions for other manufacturers to this as well in the future.

SPV Parts Bracket & Kit Installation Instructions:


Gen 3 Ford Raptor (2021+)

Triple Fog Brackets (including templates to precisely mount & position lights)
Heavy Duty A-Pillar Mounts
Standard Duty A-Pillar Mounts
OEM Fog Housing Light Upgrade Instructions


Gen 2 & 3 Ford Raptor Kits (2017-2020) & (2021+)

Installing Triple Fog Lights in the Gen 2 & 3 Raptor

Gen 2 Raptor Fog Kit Installation Instructions

Rear/Reverse Baja Designs S1 & S2 Light Kits

Raptor REAR Light Kit Instructions Baja Designs S1 & S2

Rear/Reverse D-Series, Radiance/Scene & SRL Light Kits

Raptor REAR Light Kit Instructions RIGID SR-L, PRO & RADIANCE KITS

Lower Bumper Behind Grille Light Bars

Lower Bumper Light Bar Kit Installation Instructions

Backlight Wire Kit

Backlight Wire Installation Instructions

Marker Adapter (Shown in Fog Instructions)


Gen 2 Ford Raptor (2017-2020)


Gen 2 Raptor Latest Version Triple Fog Mounts

Gen 2 (Latest Version) Triple Fog Mount Bracket Installation Instructions

Flush Putco 40" Grille Light Bar Kit

2017 Raptor LED Bar Install Instructions 

SRL 20" Behind the Grille Light Bar

SRL Behind Grille Light Bar Installation Instructions 


2019+ Ford Ranger & 15+ F-150 & 17+ Superduty

Rear Light (Reverse Lights) (Ranger, F-150 & Superduty)

Ranger F-150 REAR Bracket Kit Install Instructions 

A-Pillar Light Kit Install (Ranger)

Ranger A-Pillar Bracket Kit Install Instructions

Lower Bumper 20" or Dual Light Kit Install (Ranger)

Ranger Front Light Bar Bracket Kit Install Instructions 


Ford BRONCO (2021+)

Bronco Modular Bumper Triple Fog Mounts

Bronco Modular Bumper Triple Fog Mount Bracket Installation Instructions

Installing Triple Fog Lights in the Bronco Modular Bumper

Bronco Modular Bumper Fog Kit Installation Instructions

General Use

Building a Triple Pair Fog Harness from bare wire for Any Vehicle with 3 wires (for backlit lights)

Radiance Wire Harness Assembly Instructions 

Build a Fog Harness for any vehicle with one pair of lights (Optional Backlight)

Base Harness Assembly Instructions 

Installing Heat Shrink Bullet Connectors

Installing Heat Shrink Terminals

Installing and replacing DT Connectors

Installing New 3-Way Plugs

Installing Weather Pack Connectors and Pins (WP)

Installing Weatherpack Plugs



Radiance Lights Won't Work?


Install Videos

Visual Learner? No problem!


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