How to Install a Raptor Bumper Light Bar

Learn how to install a Raptor Bumper Light Bar with these easy steps. All you’ll need is a socket and ratchet set, a hex key, screwdriver, and large bolts for this DIY project.

Detach the Front Panel

  1. Move the fender flares out to remove bolt screws and remove the header panel. This will give room to attach the bracket to the existing location.
  2. Remove the two 7mm bolts on the fender flare’s backside.
  3. Gently pull out the flare without chipping the panel until you see a little yellow clip with prongs. Use the screwdriver to pop-out the prongs from their position. Do this again until the flare pops-out.
  4. Pull out the panel until it pops-out.
  5. Remove the top-trim pushpin to free up the top and pull the rest of the panel out. Inspect the back of the panel to make sure all plastic clips are accounted for.
  6. Remove the bolt holding the panel’s top portion. Replace this with a larger bolt to sandwich the new bracket brace to the bumper.
  7. When attaching the top bracket, make sure the big section points towards the middle. Take the stock bolt out and replace with a longer bolt. Attach the bracket through that hole. When tightening, keep it a little loose for more room when putting your panel back on.
  8. To put your panel back on, start from the middle and work your way out. Line-up and snap-in clips. Make sure to line them up along the groove. Put the pushpin back in the top.
  9. Attach the brace. Tighten the bolt on the panel’s bottom and take the stock bolt out. Replace it with a longer bolt through the factory location.
  10. Attach the top section with a carriage bolt and a lock nut in the bottom. Keep it tight.
  11. Put the panel back in. Line up the clips and snap them back in. Secure the panel with the little screws. This completes one side of your front panel.
  12. Repeat this entire process on your panel’s other side.

Attach the Light Bar

  1. Before you attach the light bar, you want to make sure that the light bar cord is behind the frame prior to putting the panels back on.
  2. Attach light bar to the holdings.
  3. Tighten the bolts.

Connect the Wiring

  1. Take the factory wire harness and take the relay off. Connect to the custom harness.
  2. Take note of the plug and cut down leads. The black and red will connect to your battery.
  3. Cut off the third section. Do not cut off the plug. Connect the reds together and the blacks together.
  4. On the other end of that harness is a blue wire, a black wire, and a red wire. You do not need the black or red wire. You can cut these off. Seal the black and red wires with heat-shrink glue. The blue wire will act as a trigger wire for your switch.
  5. Behind the bumper, underneath the shield, feed the wire with the plug underneath the truck. You can zip tie these wires that will run along the frame.
  6. Feed the wires behind the bumper towards the battery. Connect the ground loop to the bolt on the fender wall behind the battery and washer fluid. The red wire connects to the switches/switch wires from behind the computer box. The white wire can connect to other switches or wires, depending on the light kit’s version.


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