How To Solve LED Light Bar Voltage Drop

Installing an LED light bar is not too difficult if you have the right instructions. Still, there are some issues that occur, one of which is quite common: voltage drops. Sometimes, wiring may fray or wear out, or currents may overload if only on one series, which can cause a voltage drop in your light bar. Fortunately, when wondering how to solve LED light bar voltage drops, there are some steps anyone can follow so that it’s good as new.

What is a Voltage Drop?

As electricity travels through LED lighting, the voltage can drop, especially with LED strip lights. When a voltage drops across an LED light, this is called a forward voltage drop. This can mean your wiring is too long or worn out. 

If your LED strip light is dimmer at the end, then you are probably suffering from a voltage drop. Don't worry, there are ways to fix this! 

Use Parallel Connections

The first step when solving a light bar voltage drop is to ensure your LED connection uses a parallel connection. You’ll likelier see a voltage drop if you connect multiple lighting devices to one series. Therefore, use a parallel connection. A parallel connection means all components connect to each other and form two sets of electrical common points. In this way, your light bar will continue to perform as expected without risk of a voltage drop.

Adjust the DC Output

Another tip is to adjust the DC Output. Before that, test the DC output with a voltage multimeter. It should read high enough to power the light bar. Adding longer wire could drop the voltage, so it’s best to check just in case. Then, adjust the output voltage. Place a trimmer potentiometer at the front of the lightbar. This device adjusts, tunes, and calibrates the electrical circuits of your light bar.

Retest the DC Input

One other tip on how to solve LED light bar voltage drop is to retest the DC input. After adjusting the DC output, retest the input for any further voltage drops. While your light bar should function as expected again, check the steps listed above if you notice more voltage drops.

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