How to Spot an Authentic Roush Vehicle

Given its luxury appeal, Roush has dominated the market for Ford aftermarket performance parts. They specialize in Mustang and F-150 parts in different stages depending on the implemented modifications. Every Ford driver should know how to spot an authentic Roush vehicle to avoid impersonating competitors and get the genuine product they deserve.

Inspect Under the Hood

The first thing you’ll want to do is check under the hood of the vehicle for the serial number. In the F-150, Raptor, or Super Duty pickup trucks, owners will find it on a specific plaque to the right corner of the engine bay near the radiator. It is different in that it is only sequential to the number of cars of that specific model. You may also find an authentic serialized console badge under the hood on the airbox in the Ford F-150—this also documents the vehicle’s authenticity.

How to Read the Serial Number

On the serial code are two digits followed by a dash and several numbers. For example, “10-2345” would be how a serial code looks. The first two digits (10, in this example) indicate the model year of the truck, so 2010. The last four digits indicate which the number of products it was for that production year. Again, in this example, this truck was the 2,345th manufactured vehicle for a 2010 model. Vehicles manufactured in 2004 and earlier do not have a two-digit model year before the serial number.

Do a VIN Search

All authentic Roush vehicles have a standard 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Unlike typical six-digit VINs on other cars, Roush uses the factory VIN, as they consider these vehicles brand new and untitled. You can find this on a metal plate seen through the windshield. Owners can verify the VINs on the Roush Performance website or through Roush Performance customer service.

Look at Original Paperwork

If you purchase a Roush vehicle from a private seller, you’ll need all the original paperwork. Most sellers will keep the original decal, like window stickers and owner’s manuals. If not, purchasers should ask to see all the paperwork not shown to them. Buyers should ask questions about the origin of the vehicle, original cost, and when the person purchased the vehicle if they are still unsure.

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