The Benefits of LED Light Bars

There are many aftermarket parts to know about for your truck. Fender flares, grille guards, off-road tires, and camper shells are just a few. However, one type of aftermarket modification many truck owners opt for are LED lights. There are many benefits of LED light bars every truck owner should consider, from improving their appearance to driving at night.

Brighter Illumination

The obvious perk of LED light bars is their bright illumination. Light-emitting diode bulbs are designed to illuminate electrical rays using two-contact circuits. They create an electrical charge within a small chamber resulting in a higher concentration of electrons within the bulb enclosure. Light particles shine brightly from the bulb in pure color and beam. LEDs produce more lumens per watts than incandescent bulbs and are not affected by shape or size of the light fixture. LEDs also achieve full brightness in less than a microsecond and produce cool light which conserves more energy.

Keep OEM Appearance

While light bars are an aftermarket accessory, they are not designed to replace a truck’s OEM appearance. In fact, trucks retain their main style with light bars as an additional modification. You can hide a light bar in various places for sleek, but albeit strong, performance. Given their various shapes and sizes, light bars fit on top of hoods, behind grilles, or nestled inside the bumper. Your light bar enhances or retains your vehicle’s look depending on where you place it.

Wide Variety to Choose From

Truck owners won’t feel discouraged buying a light bar given the wide variety of available choices today. Light bars are made based on their size, shape, beam color, and beam pattern. Small light bars fit behind the grille or within the bumper while large ones sit directly on the hood. These bars can also be curved or straight. Light bars today come in amber yellow, white, blue, green, red, purple, or other colors, and owners can distinguish them based on short, wide beams or narrow, long beams. This wide variety ensures a light bar for any purpose.

Allows for Unconventional Driving

The last benefit of LED light bars is that they allow for unconventional driving, such as driving at night or in low visibility. While standard vehicle lights allow safe nighttime road travel, LED lights allow for nighttime off-road travel. The immense power allows you great visibility over paved and natural terrain. The beam’s wide coverage ensures safe driving wherever you go.

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