What a Throttle Body Spacer Does

Some truck upgrades chiefly improve aesthetics, and others target performance. A throttle body spacer falls into the latter camp. Though it appears relatively simple, it may be a worthwhile part to add to your vehicle. Continue reading to discover what a throttle body spacer does in more detail.

What Is a Throttle Body Spacer?

A throttle body spacer is a small ring made of metal you can install between your truck’s throttle body and intake manifold. The throttle body has a valve that controls when air flows into the engine. It opens the valve whenever you press the accelerator pedal. The air then enters the intake manifold before moving into the combustion cylinders where it combines with fuel to generate your truck’s movement.

Normally, there is a simple, thin gasket between these two parts, but you can replace it with a throttle body spacer. The spacer is thicker than the default gasket, so it has the effect of elongating the intake manifold.

The Benefit of Throttle Body Spacers

Though the spacer doesn’t introduce a drastic change to the engine setup, the extra room it provides allows more air to enter the intake manifold. The engine can perform more efficiently since it gains more air to create combustion reactions. You’ll see an increase in horsepower and torque when you add a spacer.

There are also two major types of throttle body spacer designs you can select: the spiral and smooth spacers. The difference between them lies in the design of their interior surfaces. Spiral spacers have twisting ridges on their inner sides, while smooth spacers do not. Moving the air in a spiral or more directly can increase the effectiveness of air delivery in the engine. However, in practice, aren’t many notable differences between them. In other words, either one can work just as well as the other.

After educating yourself on topics such as what a throttle body spacer does, you can go on to make modifications to your truck. If you need top-notch Ford F-150 Raptor accessories for your mods, visit the Specialty Performance Parts website today.