Essential Winter Upgrades for Trucks

Your pickup truck is a tough vehicle built to endure in more severe conditions than average automobiles. But in order to tackle different challenges, you must equip it with the right gear. If you live in a climate where winters are cold and icy, you’ll need to prepare your truck to handle the inclement weather and lowered visibility. We list out a few essential winter upgrades for trucks you should look into.

Tonneau Cover

To continue using your truck bed with snow and rain coming down, you’ll need a tonneau cover. This flat, sturdy piece securely fits over your bed to keep out water completely and is quite simple to install. A tonneau cover will also prove useful for securing your belongings and equipment so they don’t fall out and people can’t steal them. Due to its many advantages, getting one can actually be worthwhile for all parts of the year beyond winter.

Mud Flaps

Similar to tonneau covers, mud flaps are great to have at any time, but are particularly beneficial as essential winter upgrades for trucks. They catch any dirt, debris, and water that your tires send flying upwards as they rotate. In addition to keeping your truck somewhat cleaner, this also means hard rocks and other materials won’t be able to hit your truck’s underside and damage it. Furthermore, mud flaps will stop you from shooting anything into the windshields of vehicles behind you, allowing you to avoid becoming a safety hazard to them. In winter, when water and mud are common, you and other drivers around will appreciate this addition to your truck.

LED Lights

Winter’s snow and shorter days will make the road less visible than in the warmer parts of the year. Investing in LED lights that supplement your existing headlights and taillights can help you see your surroundings better and make you more visible to others when it’s dim outside. You can mount individual light units or lightbars on your truck in more than one position, such as along the front and back bumper, in the grille, above the roof, and next to the sideview mirrors.

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