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Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products
Rigid E-Series SAE 6'' DRIVING Light
Rigid Industries Amber Light BarRigid Amber Light Bar
Rigid Adapt LED Light BarRigid Adapt LED Light Bar
Rigid Adapt LED Light Bar
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(Discontinued) Rigid Capture Black Edition 10" RDS
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Rigid E-Series ADAPT Pro Light Bars (Sizes 20''-50'')Rigid E-Series ADAPT Pro Light Bars (Sizes 20''-50'')
Rigid E-Series ADAPT Pro Light Bars (Sizes 20''-50'')
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White Case Rigid E-Series Pro Light Bars (Sizes 4''-50'')White Case Rigid E-Series Pro Light Bars (Sizes 4''-50'')
White Case Rigid E-Series Pro Light Bars (Sizes 4''-50'')
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Baja Designs S8 Light BarsBaja Designs S8 Light Bars
Baja Designs S8 Light Bars
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SPV LED Light Bars for Trucks
SPV LED Light Bars for Trucks

SPV LED Light Bars for Trucks

Navigating through rough terrains or bracing challenging weather conditions requires reliable and powerful lighting. Specialty Performance Parts LED light bars for trucks, suitable for vehicles such as the Ford F150 and Raptor, are designed to deliver just that. Crafted with heavy-duty materials, our LED light bars offer robust performance and unmatched durability. From single row to double row and curved designs, each light bar ensures maximum visibility in all conditions, so you can confidently conquer any road, trail, or task.

SPV LED Light Bars: The Lineup

At Specialty Performance Parts, we understand that different truck owners have unique lighting needs, and our diverse lineup of LED light bars offers a solution for every scenario.

Single Row LED Light Bars

Single Row LED Light Bars

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Perfect for vehicles with limited mounting space
  • Provides bright light and effective illumination
Double Row LED Light Bars

Double Row LED Light Bars

  • Features two rows of LEDs for increased light output
  • Ideal for trucks needing powerful lighting solutions
  • Offers maximum visibility for various scenarios
Curved LED Light Bars

Curved LED Light Bars

  • Unique curved design that fits the contour of your truck
  • Provides a wider spread of light
  • Great for those seeking a combination of style and functionality

Understanding Different Light Bar Beam Patterns

Driving / Combo

As the name suggests, driving or combo beams are designed to provide a balanced light pattern, combining the features of spot and flood beams. They offer a wide driving beam that lights up both the road ahead and the sides, making them perfect for general driving conditions.

Driving / Combo


Spot beams produce a concentrated, bright light that's directed straight ahead. This beam pattern is ideal for long-distance illumination, particularly helpful for off-road enthusiasts navigating through straight, rough terrain during the night.

Work / Scene

Wide Driving

Wide driving beams cast light over a larger area than spot beams, illuminating more of the sides of the road. This pattern is great for open areas and ideal for construction workers who require broad visibility across work sites.


Work / Scene

Work or scene beams have a diffused pattern that spreads light across a vast area. This beam pattern is best for illuminating a larger work scene or an emergency vehicle situation.

Work / Scene


Flood beams spread light across a broad area but not as far as a spot beam. They're excellent for lighting up the immediate surroundings, making them ideal for slower, careful maneuvers like reversing or navigating through tight spaces.


Need Help Deciding? Contact SPV!

Choosing the right LED light bar can be challenging given the variety. But don't worry, our experienced SPV service team is here to help. From explaining the strengths of brands like Baja Designs and Diode Dynamics to resolving technical issues, we've got you covered. Our commitment extends beyond selling quality products - we believe in offering a personalized experience that addresses your unique needs.

So, whether you have questions pre or post-purchase, reach out to us. With SPV, you're investing not just in a product, but in a trustworthy relationship that guides you towards a safer, more efficient driving experience.

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Which Brand Should I Purchase From?

At Specialty Performance Parts, we carry a wide range of brands from Baja Designs to Diode Dynamics. Each brand offers unique strengths and specialties, catering to different lighting needs. Our team can help guide you towards the brand that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Where Can I Mount My Light Bar?

LED light bars can be mounted in various locations on your truck such as the front grille, above the license plate, on the truck rack, or the headache rack. The mounting spot largely depends on your lighting needs, truck specifications, and personal preference.

When Can I Use My Light Bar?

LED light bars are versatile and can be used in several situations. They're useful for off-road enthusiasts navigating through rough terrain, construction workers needing extra lighting, or emergency vehicles requiring maximum visibility. However, be aware of local laws and regulations concerning the use of light bars on public roads.