How To Remove the Tail Light on a Ford F-150

How To Remove the Tail Light on a Ford F-150

Whether your objective is replacing one F-150 tail light or both, knowing how to reach your bulbs may not seem intuitive if you’re new to the process. Luckily, learning how to remove the tail light on a Ford F-150 is incredibly easy; all it takes to learn the ropes is a quick walkthrough like the one below. After powering down the truck and its lights, you can head to the rear of the vehicle to begin.

Removing the Bolts

If your tailgate is up, pop it open. With the tailgate out of the way, you’ll see two bolts on the backside of your tail lights—one at the top and one at the bottom. These bolts keep the whole tail light assembly in place. Additionally, the bolts are 8mm, so you’ll need a suitable socket wrench to remove them. Keep an eye on the tail light to make sure the whole thing doesn’t fall and hit the ground after removing the designated bolts.

Removing the Tail Lights

Once the 8mm bolts are out, take ahold of the tail light assembly and pop it out carefully. Don’t yank it, though. Using too much force can do more harm than good. Get a stable grip and ease the light assembly out of its niche. After you move the exterior of the assembly away, you should now see the tail lights and their wires.

Installing items like Roush truck accessories and other light kits helps drivers upgrade their rides. But knowing how to remove your basic tail lights is essential too. Thankfully, finding and swapping out tail lights correctly only necessitates a quick walkthrough. As you can see, learning how to remove the tail light on a Ford F-150 is fast and simple. And as with any new trick you learn for upgrading your ride, removing the F-150’s tail lights should eventually feel as straightforward as refilling your gas tank. Eventually, removing both tail lights will take less than a minute each. Just remember that being careful with all the components is still crucial every step of the way.