Most Recommended Ford Bronco Mods

The Ford Bronco is one of the most epic rides ever made. From climbing up mountains to driving across the country, this beast can do just about anything. And when it comes to appearance, the sleek, striking Bronco is sure to turn heads.

First on the market in 1966, the Ford Bronco made a comeback in 2021. Of course, the 2021 model has some similarities to the old Bronco, including some much-anticipated upgrades. Drivers can choose from the Sasquatch package or the beefed-up Raptor edition, which adds some pretty sweet accessories. However, if you are a current owner of a Bronco, you know these add-ons can be expensive.

If you're looking for awesome Ford Bronco upgrades with your own personal touch, you're in luck! You can find several Bronco modifications to drastically improve your ride—from stunning light bars to high-quality cold air kits!

Check Out the Best Bronco Modifications

Here are some of our favorite upgrades for the Ford Bronco:

Light Bars

Light bars are one of the most common Ford Bronco upgrades—and for good reason! These accessories can provide several benefits for your ride. For one, they offer superior illumination. Most light bars come with LEDs, which offer the reliability and quality you can trust. They're also extremely powerful, giving you better vision on the road.

Safety is another huge factor to think about. By using a light bar, you'll have the ability to see more over longer distances. This can help you avoid obstacles that can injure yourself or others. Additionally, light bars may also help you avoid bumps, potholes, and anything else that can damage your ride.

Another advantage of light bars is that they're very easy to install. Whether you place one on your bumper or above the windshield, the installation can take a matter of minutes. You can also expect this accessory to last several years. In fact, many LED light bars can last over 60,000 hours when actively used! You may have your light bar for over a decade before you need a replacement.

Look at more benefits of light bars below:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Powerful and effective
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Boosts appearance
  • Available in kits
  • Many types available

If you're looking for an exceptional light bar or light kit, look no further than Specialty Performance Parts! We carry a wide variety of light bar kits with everything you need to get started. One great option is our  As one of our bestsellers, another amazing light bar option is the SR Radiance+ RGB Backlit (Slim) Light Bar. A few of its features include minimum blockage of the front camera and a color changing backlight.

Ford Bronco Pod Lights On Front Bumper

POD Lights

If you're searching for a simple yet powerful way to upgrade your new Ford Bronco, pick up some pod lights. Just like light bars, pod lights increase your vision on the road in dark conditions. They can work great for any driver, but they're especially beneficial for off-road riders.

Of course, the primary advantage of pod lights involves having better visibility on the road. This can be even more useful in very dark locations, such as the middle of nowhere at night. Pod lights can also assist in poor weather conditions, including rain, snow, dust, and dense fog.

Another top advantage is that pod lights have many different uses and can be installed in several different locations. For example, you can choose pod fog lights, which greatly enhances visibility in foggy conditions. If you're looking for a top-notch product for your Bronco, consider the SPV Parts Ford Bronco Rigid Radiance Fog Light Kit. These lights are the perfect replacement for the stock lights on your Bronco. You'll notice a huge difference!

Bumper pod lights are another popular option, which are mounted directly on your bumper for more visibility where you need it. For a high-quality option, check out our SPV Parts Ford Bronco Cross Mount Bumper Kit. This fantastic package comes with both lights and harness.

Looking for other lighting solutions? If so, consider these options:

  • A-pillar lights
  • Roof lighting
  • Accessory lights
  • Grille lighting
  • Underbody lights
  • Dome lighting
  • Taillights
  • Interior lighting
  • And More!

No matter what lighting solution you had in mind, Specialty Performance Parts is here to help! We also carry the SPV Harness System, a one of a kind patented product only available at SPV. This harness system can assist in the installation process and makes the install a breeze! View our products today to get started.

Cold Air Kits

While we've talked about add-ons involving lighting, safety, and convenience, let's now discuss one way to boost performance on a new Bronco. As there are many ways to accomplish this, a cold air intake kit is a great place to start.

A cold air intake system replaces the hot air under the hood with cold air, which provides several benefits. This product enhances the stock intake system by reducing the amount of hot air and adding cold, dense air.

If you decide to invest in this upgrade, you could experience the following:

  • More horsepower
  • Improved mileage
  • Enhanced acceleration

By installing a cold air intake system, your Ford Bronco vehicle will become that much more powerful. Whether you're driving through rough country or smooth city streets, you'll sure notice a difference. This is because these systems use cold air instead of hot, which allows for more oxygen throughout the combustion cycle. This helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently and evenly, resulting in more horsepower.

Looking for better mileage? If so, a cold air intake should do the job. As these systems replace hot air with cold air, this causes less strain on your engine. While it burns fuel more efficiently with enough air, you can expect more miles per gallon.

If you're searching for a boost in acceleration, a cold air intake could be the answer, so take a look at thea cold air intake could be the answer, so take a look at the Bronco Roush Cold Air Kit. When a standard intake system fires up, the lack of airflow can cause your engine to burn more fuel at a faster rate. Not only can this lead to less power and poor MPG, but it can also cause acceleration problems. A cold air intake system results in better airflow and faster responsiveness from the engine, all leading to a quicker surge of power when you hit the gas pedal.



If you just bought your first Bronco, then you probably enjoy doing some off-roading. To make your ride an off-road beast, we suggest adding some aftermarket wheels and tires. There are several options on the market today, so we encourage you to conduct your own research based on your needs.

One product we love is the ROUSH 2020-2023 Ford Bronco Wheel. This stylish rim fits almost all Bronco off-road tires, providing the flexibility you can trust. They're also designed for rigorous off-road use, making them a huge upgrade from the factory offerings. They also come in a sleek gray color, boosting appearance while cruising on the road.

Looking for a kit that has all the Ford Bronco mods you could ever want? Look no further than the ROUSH 2021-2023 Ford Bronco R Series Kit- 422295. From Diode Dynamics Pod Lights to Roush Satin Iridium Gray Wheels, this kit brings your Bronco to the next level in appearance, capabilities, and modern technology.

Choosing Between Broncos? Ford Bronco vs Bronco Sport

If you're interested in buying a Ford Bronco, you may be wondering if the Bronco Sport edition is right for you. All in all, it depends on your specific needs. For something that can get around town and take the occasional rough dirt road, the standard Bronco should do the trick. If you're looking for something that can handle rigorous trails and harsh road conditions on the regular, opt for the Bronco Sport. You can also add some accessories to make your ride even that more beastly. 

No matter which Bronco you choose, you'll get a powerful tank that can pretty much do it all! Want to learn more about the Ford Bronco vs. Bronco Sport comparison? Check out our recent blog on the topic: Ford Bronco vs. Sport.

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