Must-Have Accessories for Your Pickup Truck

Being a car or truck owner means choosing how you want your ride to look. It also means installing nifty parts and pieces to make it your ideal vehicle. Check out these must-have accessories for your pickup truck to make your dream car a reality.

Floor Mats

No one wants to get their truck floors dirty. Snow, ice, sleet, mud, dirt, and other grime can collect on the floor. Constantly vacuuming and cleaning can be tedious and costly. A great way to avoid this is to invest in all-weather floor mats. Make sure they’re properly locked into place. Otherwise, it could be a safety risk if they move near the gas and brake pedals. You can find molded or contoured floor mats to fit Ford or any pickup brand.

Locking Toolbox

This is a must for anyone who needs their tools in a stable location. These lockboxes fit nicely into the bed or the back of the cab. However, these toolboxes’ material type matters. It’s best to get a diamond plated box to avoid pitting and rust. Plus, these designs tend to have more stable locks. This is a must to avoid losing your tools. If you’re going to get a cheaper lockbox, it’s a good idea to get more advanced locks. You can even get one linked to your smartphone for a more convenient unlocking mechanism.

Tie Downs

This is vital if you’re moving large or heavy items. Tie downs hold your items in place during your drive. It’s better to upgrade from your built-in ones. These are typically light-weight and will wear down in time. Heavy-duty tie downs are stronger and have a metal clamp to secure items in place. They are also inexpensive.

Camper Shell and Tonneau Cover

These let you travel without the risk of losing items from your bed. You can use these during poor weather to avoid potential damage. It’s better to use an aluminum cover for added protection. You can use vinyl for a cost-saving strategy, but it can rip or be cut through. Camper shells and Tonneau covers are great for long-distance travel or outdoor activities. You can find bed covers for any Ford or other pickup truck models.

Bed Lights

With proper bed lights, you’ll be able to see what’s in your bed in daytime and night. It’s a must-have if you’re using a tonneau cover or camper shell to see any hard-to-reach places. These LED lights are usually installed near the rear-end of the truck. You can also have them installed throughout the entire bed’s length. It’s best to stick with factory-installed kits to avoid potentially damaging your system. You can also get it under warranty if using a factory-installed kit.

Trailer Hitch

Whether you tow vehicles or not, a trailer hitch is a good accessory to have. They can be used to tow vehicles stuck in the snow or a ditch. They also add great resale value if you’re going to trade-in or sell your pickup in the future.

Any of these options are great choices for Ford F150 accessories. If you find yourself wanting to upgrade your pickup, check out our products at Specialty Performance Parts.