Revving Through History: Review of the 2019 Mustang Bullitt Experience

There are few names in the automotive world as recognizable as 'Mustang'. For over five decades, this legendary marquee from Ford has captured the imaginations of driving enthusiasts around the globe. The Mustang Bullitt stands out as a symbol of raw power, rebellious spirit, and timeless coolness. Special, even among other Mustangs, the Bullitt is a recreation of the 390 GT driven by Steve McQueen in the iconic 1968 film "Bullitt."

This distinctively styled and amped-up version of the standard Ford Mustang GT doesn't just bear Bullitt's name; it captures the nostalgia and charisma of the classic ride while integrating modern muscle car innovations. 

Exterior Elegance and Heritage

Mustang Bullitt Exterior Highlights

The first thing you notice about the 2019 Mustang Bullitt, whether you're a hardcore Mustang enthusiast or a casual observer, is its distinctively elegant heritage-inspired exterior. The designers at Ford have expertly weaved the Bullitt's storied past with the modern Mustang design to create a pure work of art on wheels. Let's take a closer look.

One of the unique elements that distinguish the Bullitt edition from other Mustang models is the wheels. The 2019 Mustang Bullitt features 19-inch, five-spoke Torq-Thrust-style wheels, reminiscent of the movie car, wrapped in Michelin's performance rubber, ready for any film-like chase scene you might imagine. 

The Bullitt is all about subtlety and sophistication, and that’s evident in the minimalist chrome accents on the grille and windows that give it an authentic 1968 look. The only exterior badging on the car is the faux gas cap at the back, proudly bearing the Bullitt logo, another nod to the past.

When it comes to paint options on the Bullitt, you have two choices: shadow black or classic Highland Green. Our test car, and indeed most Bullitt’s you’ll see on the road, was, of course, swathed in the original Highland Green, reminiscent of the movie car. This shade holds more than just a kernel of nostalgia; it's a marker of identity that instantly connects the car to its roots in San Francisco around 50 years ago. It's hard not to feel a touch of Steve McQueen's cool when you're behind the wheel of this sleek beast.

One of the most eye-catching design traits of the Bullitt is the deletion of the usual rear spoiler. Ford designers opted to present a cleaner, uninterrupted profile for the rear deck, ensuring nothing distracts from the nostalgic silhouette. While modern Mustangs do generally sport flamboyant spoilers, the Bullitt, in keeping with its character, chooses to let its performance do the talking.

The result is a sleek, modern vehicle that is rooted firmly in its respected heritage. Blending these elements of classic flair and understated style, the 2019 Mustang Bullitt is a feast for the eyes that entices your touch, inviting you to slip inside, turn the key and roar onto the open road.

Interior Innovation and Style

Now that we've explored the Bullitt's external allure, let's step inside this automotive marvel to unearth its interior gems. Once you settle into the driver's Recaro leather seat, highlighted by distinctive green stitching, the interior's minimalist design signals a blend of modern Mustang comforts and a nod to the classic Bullitt's heritage.

As you get into the front seat, notice the Bullitt logo on the door sill—a small but captivating detail. Look at the dashboard to see a serialized plate that underscores the car's uniqueness and authenticity, reminiscent of the individuality of each Bullitt from 1968, setting them apart from mass-produced vehicles.

Inside, the leather-wrapped steering wheel, marked by the Bullitt emblem at its center, connects you directly to the car's rich history. The steering feels secure, enabling confident control of the powerful engine beneath. This interior strikes a balance, evoking memories of the past while providing a ride that surpasses modern standards.

No review of the Mustang Bullitt's interior can ever be complete without admiring the digital instrument cluster. Ford has taken a leap forward with this feature. The 12-inch all-digital LCD dashboard is tailored for the Mustang Bullitt owner with a unique starting animation that signifies the car's special nature each time you bring it to life. The live dashboard provides ambitious drivers with customizable display modes, including normal, sport and track, allowing you to decide how intimately you want to engage with the Bullitt while maneuvering its might. Simultaneously, the green outlined gauges supplying a unique feel to the cockpit experience, making the connection between owner and vehicle even more personal.

We can't forget to note the Bullitt Electronics Package. This package significantly bolsters the Bullitt's infotainment provisions, complete with a superb navigation system, driver memory settings, and blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert. This also includes excellent smartphone integration capabilities with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, placing the world at your fingertips. All of these elements combine seamlessly, granting you superior driving comfort and entertainment.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

mustang bullitt rear

As we settle behind that Bullitt-badged steering wheel, let's delve into the performance enhancements that make the Bullitt a step above the standard Mustang GT. Underneath this car’s movie-star good looks is power that translates to a precision-engineered driving experience unlike anything else.

Ford doesn’t just badge the Mustang a 'Bullitt' and call it a day. Painstakingly designed tweaks propel this Mustang beyond the realm of the standard GT. The car's engine, a 5.0-litre V8, sounds a roar unlike any other. Pumping out 480 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, the Bullitt has a larger throttle body and the intake manifold from a Shelby GT350. The result? A Mustang that feels lively and responsive.

For gearheads, the six-speed manual gearbox is the only option, staying true to the classic Bullitt. When you lay hand on that gear shifter with its white cue ball knob, you are connected, in a unique way, to the car's vibrant power. Precise, mechanical action is courtesy of the manual transmission proving honest automotive interaction is still alive in the era of automation.

Now, let's talk sound. Ford has reconceived the standard active exhaust system for the Bullitt, giving drivers the opportunity to switch sound profiles from a soft purr to a full-throttle roar via a valve-controlled system. Track mode makes the Bullitt sing much more boisterously, delivering an all-out auditory sensation that' s simply intoxicating.

The Bullitt is more than just a phenomenal ride; it's also a tech marvel with a range of performance monitoring capabilities and track apps. From accelerometer to brake performance, from line lock for burnouts to launch control, the Bullitt offers a treasure trove of advanced aids to enhance your driving experience. Alterations to front springs and the stabilizer bar, a new brake booster, and a remapped power-assist system combine for a sharper, more controlled handling experience, whether you're commuting in Normal mode or bolting down the racetrack.

Taken together, these aspects corroborate the Bullitt’s positioning as not just a daily driver but also a track-ready beast. Its balance of nostalgic homage and modern, performance-oriented enhancements create a breadth of capabilities that is hard to match. 

The Mustang Bullitt: A Modern Classic

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt embodies a paradox of classic heritage and modern innovation, seamlessly blending elements of both to create a vehicle that truly stands apart.

On the outside, it's a rolling tribute to an iconic film legend, complete with all the details that make it instantly recognizable as a Bullitt Mustang. Despite these modern upgrades, the Bullitt never forgets its roots. The distinctive roar of its enhanced engine, the tactile engagement of a six-speed manual shifter, and the unabashed performance under its hood, all underline the fact that this is a car built for those who cherish a unique driving experience.

Even more impressive is how these aspects of performance, technology, and design come together in a remarkable testament to the Mustang legacy. The 2019 Mustang Bullitt continues to inspire the same awe and admiration to fans worldwide as its cinematic predecessor did five decades ago.

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