The Best-Sounding Exhaust for the F-150

Many F-150 exhaust systems are currently available for drivers to install, but one of the key factors to consider before this purchase is the sound quality. Different systems will result in different sounds—some of which can put you in trouble with a state’s laws regarding exhaust noise. To help narrow down your search, let’s go through the best-sounding exhaust for the F-150. Each of these manufacturers is reliable, but certain attributes differ between them, especially when it comes to noise.


If you’re looking for the best-sounding exhaust for the F-150, Roush systems won’t disappoint, but they might conflict with local noise ordinances. Aside from their great sound, Roush exhaust systems are incredibly convenient to install and can help you make the most out of your Ford’s performance.

For example, Roush’s 421248, 421985, and 421711 systems provide more airflow and less back pressure to improve your F-150’s horsepower. Roush products' easy installation and reliable performance are key reasons why our selection of Ford Raptor parts includes quite a few from this manufacturer.


Magnaflow is a great choice for truck drivers looking for a loud exhaust system. Specifically, Magnaflow is a perfect brand for anyone who wants to mix solid sound production with effective off-roading capabilities.

One of the key reasons Magnaflow exhaust systems are so effective when it comes to sound and off-roading is the straight-through design the company uses. Before buying one, it’s good to know that Magnaflow exhaust systems take time to reach their peak sound quality. Although these exhaust systems take a few hundred miles to “break-in” before they produce their iconic deep, loud sound, it’s worth the wait.


Flowmaster is consistently producing high-quality exhaust systems for Ford vehicles. This manufacturer utilizes stainless steel and innovative technology to deliver durable and easy-to-install aftermarket exhaust systems.

Plus, these systems will deliver an impressive sound level when you fire up the F-150. The 817522, 817691, and 717785 models are only three of many reliable, beloved Flowmaster exhaust systems on the market. Furthermore, the 817691 and 717785 models are dyno tuned to deliver a particularly impactful noise level. Flowmaster exhausts typically aren’t as loud as Magnaflow products, but the former’s sound quality is far from lackluster.