Truck Mods That Are Illegal On the Roads in the United States

Truck Mods That Are Illegal On the Roads in the United States

Modifying your truck into your dream vehicle is a lot of fun. However, the United States has many laws regarding how you change your vehicle, especially a truck. Before you purchase any ford truck parts and accessories, you want to ensure that you’ll still be able to drive the vehicle after the adjustments. To make sure you can legally drive your modified truck, here are some of the truck mods that are illegal on the roads in the United States.

Radar Detectors and Jammers

Radar jammers are illegal in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Radar jammers and detectors, as their names suggest, either jam or detect the radar waves emitted from law enforcement’s radar devices. Jammers allow people to get away with speeding since the scanners will malfunction. Even though these devices are only illegal in two states, all other states strongly discourage them.

Exhaust Emissions

A catalytic converter protects the environment from pollution, but a truck runs better without it. To boost their engine, some people choose to remove a few or all emissions equipment from their vehicles. While you may want to have your truck run better and protect the engine, it is illegal in the United States to remove any mufflers or catalytic converters from your vehicle.

No Nitrous Oxide

Another one of the truck mods that are illegal on the roads in the United States is nitrous oxide. If you have ever seen a racing movie, you know that nitrous oxide gives your vehicle an extreme speed boost. While nitrous oxide itself is not illegal, it is common in street racing, which is illegal. If you have nitrous oxide in your vehicle, it is sure to pique the interest of law enforcement.

Dark Window Tints

Dark window tints can provide a bit of privacy and will certainly look nice on any vehicle. But if your windows have the darkest tint available, you cannot drive the car on the road legally. The reason is that lawmakers believe that the dark tint will make it more difficult to see and drive, and people cannot see inside the vehicle if anything goes wrong.

Light Bars When Driving

Light bars are a great modification if you plan to take your truck camping or go out often at night. However, light bars become illegal if you drive with them on, regardless of if it’s day or night, especially on a highway. The bright light makes it challenging for others to see, even during the day. Of course, these laws vary by state, so if you plan to install an LED light bar, be sure to look at your state’s laws and regulations.

Noisy Sound System

One of the most popular vehicle modifications involves adding a loud sound system, perfect for tailgate parties and drives with friends. Since some areas have noise limits, you just need to be aware of where you are and the volume of your music. For example, if you are driving through a quiet city at night, it may not be the best idea to have that stereo at the maximum volume.

Rolling Coal Trucks

If you tune a truck’s engine and exhaust, you can create rolling coal. All this means is that large, black exhaust rolls out of the exhaust pipes when you are driving. Not only does it pollute the environment, but it also makes it difficult for the other drivers near you to see. New Jersey, Utah, Colorado, and a few other states have made this illegal, and the rest of the states plan to do the same soon.

Too High From the Ground

Lifting your truck a couple more inches is usually not illegal unless it exeeds your state’s maximum height. If your truck is too high off the ground, it’s hard to get inside, blocks the view of other drivers, and has a higher probability of rolling over. However, many people enjoy the lifted trucks, especially if you plan to drive a lot on rough country roads. If you plan to lift your truck, remember to check the height regulations for your city and state.

Too Low to the Ground

A truck can also be too low to the ground. Lowriders can scrape the pavement and damage the road. It is illegal to drive them in some states, while in others, you can drive them if you stay below 15 miles per hour. If you really want a lowrider, make sure it is high enough so that it will never scrape the ground, even if you ride over bumps and ruts.

Flashing Red and Blue

Since flashing red and blue lights mimic those of a cop, adding them to a personal vehicle is illegal in the United States. People used to install these lights in their vehicles to speed since the surrounding vehicles assumed they were police. Flashing lights of any color are illegal since they’re distracting and can impair the surrounding drivers’ vision. Certain states restrict neon lights under the truck, as well, especially the brighter and more noticeable colors.

Studded Tires

Studded tires are helpful during winter weather, such as during ice and snowstorms. Some people even like the aesthetic look of the studded tires and want to leave them on all year long. However, during the summer, these tires can scrape the road. As such, leaving your studded tires on when there is no ice or snow on the road is illegal in many states, especially the ones with colder weather during the winter.

So, to summarize, the truck modifications that are illegal to use on the U.S. roads are studded tires, flashing and neon lights, lifted trucks and lowriders, rolling coal, noisy sound systems, light bars while driving, dark window tints, nitrous oxide, exhaust emissions, and radar detectors or jammers. The best way to determine if a truck modification is illegal is to research it for your specific states since the laws tend to vary. The next time to plan to add a modification to your truck, be sure to do your research, have fun, and drive safely.

Truck Mods That Are Illegal On the Roads in the United States