What Is a Switchback LED Light?


Lights are vital for all motor vehicles. They ensure that drivers can see where they are going at night and in dark conditions. Additionally, lights allow others nearby to see vehicles and avoid collisions. Since lights play such a critical role, they are primary candidates for vehicle upgrades. You may be used to the halogen signal bulbs that your car or truck came with, but a switchback LED is one type of high-quality vehicle dual color light you can install in your truck. Below, we’ll answer the question, “What is a switchback LED light?”

Car driving at night with white headlights

So, What Are Switchback Lights?

Switchback LED lights have their name because they can alternate between two separate colors. One color is clear white, while the other is an amber light. This is different from the usual halogen turn signal lights, which remain white but switch between low and high-intensity outputs. Switchback LED bulbs replace your parking lights or daytime running lights. When you turn them on, they are a white running light, but once you activate a turn signal, they’ll change to an amber color. As soon as your amber turn signal switches off, they return to their original white color.

driver turning on turn signal

Why Use Switchback Lights?

Now you know what switchback LED lights are, but you probably want to know why someone would install them. The main reason is that they make your vehicle more noticeable to oncoming drivers. Since they become bright amber when you turn, they increase the visibility of your vehicle. Essentially, your vehicle utilizes two lights—the switchback LED and the regular turn signal light. Together, they better show your intention to turn. When you drive straight, you also have clear and bright white light, which again makes your truck easy to spot in dim surroundings.

Truck enthusiasts often pay attention to each fine detail as they modify their vehicles. With switchback LED light bulbs, your truck can utilize a unique feature that contributes to road safety and reduce risk of collisions. To go a step even further, you can add on an LED strip near your headlight for a sequential switchback.

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