What You Should Consider When Buying Fog Lights

As the owner of a Ford Raptor, you want your vehicle to be prepared for whatever conditions might come up while you are driving or off-roading. Therefore, you should get fog lights and install them for days that are foggy. They will improve your visibility by cutting through the thick water vapor in the air and illuminating the ground directly in front of your truck. As with most things, though, there are various fog light models available that you may choose from. Acquire an understanding of what you should consider when buying fog lights to make the best choice.

Light Color

Fog lights can lean towards different colors, including yellow, amber, and blue. Manufacturers denote the color with units of measurement called Kelvins. Lights that are within the range of about 3000 Kelvins will appear with the warmer yellow and amber colorations. Those with around 6000 Kelvins look blue. White fog lights sit in between these at about 5000 Kelvins. Go with lower Kelvin values if you want lights that can penetrate the fog better. Lights with higher Kelvins are preferable for maximum clarity, but they don’t reach as far and can strain your eyes.

Protection Features

The LED bulbs of fog lights are prone to malfunctions when their chips receive physical damage. Because of this, you should find fog lights that possess protection features that will improve their reliability, especially if you may take your truck through rough terrain. Look for the IP (International Protection) rating to determine how strong the lights are and choose fog lights with IP67 ratings or higher. This will mean that they can endure dust and other solid particles completely, as well as contact with water. As opposed to IP65 lights, IP67-rated lights can also survive being submerged in water for a short period of time.


Of course, a portion of what you should always consider when buying fog lights is whether they are compatible with your Raptor in the first place. The best method for doing this is to search specifically for Ford Raptor fog light kits. This way, you will have certainty that the lights will fit within and securely fasten to the sections beneath the primary headlights that the truck has for this purpose. Fog light kits may also come with brackets to hold the lights in place. Additionally, you may consider factors such as the amp draw of the lights to make sure they will work without issues.

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