Why Your Fog Lights Are Flickering

Whether you’re off-roading, driving through the city, or stopping by a local shop, maximum visibility is essential. This should be nothing new—the importance of visibility on the road is something everyone should learn during their early years as a driver. Fog lights exist as a way to boost illumination in low-visibility conditions. Fog lights aren’t just for making the road more visible to you, but also to make you visible to other drivers nearby.

Unfortunately, like any part of your truck, fog lights can encounter technical issues. One of the most common fog light issues is flickering. If you’re running into this issue, don’t worry; you’re not the first one. This quick guide will explain why your fog lights are flickering and how you can get them to function properly again.

Bad Bulbs

If your fog lights are flickering, you’ll likely need to swap them out for a new pair. This is a relatively straightforward and effective solution. The reason fog lights flicker after a period of time is simple—they’re reaching the end of their lifespan. When age is the issue, flickering is only the beginning. Eventually, if you ignore the issue, your fog lights will stop working entirely. That said, sometimes this problem runs a bit deeper than old bulbs.

Switch Solutions

If swapping out the bulbs doesn’t seem to be the suitable solution, your issue is most likely with the fog light switch. Specifically, the issue you’re encountering involves a lack of sufficient power making its way into the fog lights; suffice it to say, your fog lights need sufficient power to work. If you’re not familiar with electrical problems regarding fog lights, take your truck to an expert to find a suitable solution.

Now that you can swiftly determine why your fog lights are flickering, you can go out and do something about it. Luckily, finding the right resolution in this scenario isn’t difficult. Flickering fog lights are annoying, but having an excuse to upgrade to a fresh Raptor LED light kit can make the whole ordeal a bit more satisfying.