SPV Parts 2019-2022 Ford Ranger A-Pillar Light Kit w/ Baja Designs Choice of Lights by SPV Parts

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Squadron Sport or Pro?: Sport
Light Pattern: Squadron Spot
With or without Relay Add on? (If you don't have built in switches/fuses, you need the relay add on): Without SPV Plug N Play A-Pillar Harness (Use Stock Harness)
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This A-Pillar Light kit from SPV Parts includes Your Choice of Baja Designs Light pods and SPV Stainless Steel Powder coated Brackets, with our Plug N Play A-Pillar Harness. (Select Light Choice from the drop down list)


For cleaner and easier install, we offer our Universal A-Pillar Harness. Choose with Relay Plug in harness if your Ranger does not have built in switches with relays and fuses. If it does, such as a Tremor, or if you installed a switch system, then the relay isn't needed. The relay harness quickly connects to your lights to draw power from the battery and has a built in fuse. From there, you can connect it to any switch.

If you choose without, you will still have the basic wire harness with the lights from Baja that you can use.

(Choose your light pair in the list)

Squadron Sports produce 3,150 lumens and Pros produce 4,600 lumens.

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