SPV Parts 2019-2023 FORD RANGER & Tremor (All Models) REAR BAJA DESIGNS S2 / SPV REVERSE LIGHT KIT (NO DRILL/MOD) rear light kit

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Sport or Pro Lights?: S2 Sport Wide Cornering #547805
Harness Style: Short Harness w/Tail Light Adptr (Reverse Trigger) For LED Tail Lights
With or Without Fuse/Relay Adapter Add on?: Without Fuse/Relay (Tremor or Models with built in Switches)
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The New SPV Ranger Reverse Light kit utilizing the Baja Designs S2 lights are Here!!

The advantage to these is the extra slim case. If you want similar light output and less bulk... these might be the kit for you...


Each kit comes with everything you need...

    • One Pair of Baja Designs S2 Sport or Pro Wide Cornering Lights #547805 or 487805
    • One Pair of SPV Parts Exclusive Ranger Rear Brackets
    • Hardware
    • CHOICE of 3 Harness Configurations:
      1: Standard Short Harness with Tail Light Adapter.... Plug N Play. Automatically triggers the rear lights when put in reverse, triggers the red backlight when tail lights/markers are on.
      2: One full length wire harness ONLY (Without Tail Light Trigger Adapter).... This runs all the way to the engine bay to be connected to a separate switch. 
      3: Utilize BOTH the full harness to connect to a switch AND the tail light adapter. (Also includes the relay adapter) This will still trigger when in reverse, but also be capable of connecting to a separate switch in the cab. (Pat Pending)
    • SPECIAL NOTE:  For Full Harness Options - Tremor Models, or models that have added in Switch/Relay boxes do not need our Plug N Play Relay Adapter Non Tremor models or trucks without built in switches, you will need our Relay/Fuse adapter option. From there, you can connect it to any single switch wire from in the cab. Look for our other switch options.
    • Instructions

To tell the type of Tail Light Adapter you may need. Just look at the tail lights and see if you can see a light bulb. If you do, it would not be the LED model. Lariat and up would have the LED tail lights.

****Click here to view the installation instructions****



  • Your CHOICE between the 1130 Lumen S2 Sport (Which come in the Baja kit #447624) or the PRO version with 2,450 Lumens, which ISN'T available in the Baja Kit.
  • The Baja Standard kit requires splicing/tapping into your factory Harness for the reverse trigger. Most don't want to do that. Our kit comes with 3 configurations. All of which require ZERO cutting or splicing into factory harnesses. 
  • Reverse triggers use our plug n play tail light adapter. It plugs into your tail light and then into the rear light harness. All plug n play. All options listed above require zero modification of any factory wiring.


Watch the video in the photo section for more details...

Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to check back for more products coming soon!

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