SPV Parts 2021-2023 Ford Raptor GEN 3 Aux 1 & Fog Switch Relocation Plug N Play Harness

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This small harness lets you take back your switch wires!

If you purchased an 801A Raptor with the factory Fog Lights, your Aux 1 wire and the fog switch wire are stuck, relocated down to the bumper.

This makes it difficult to connect them to other harnesses, such as our triple harness. Or maybe you want to put both fogs on the one fog switch, and get your Aux 1 back up top?

This is the answer.

No cutting or splicing. It plugs into the factory connectors and that's it.

(If you are looking to combine both pairs of OEM fogs onto the factory fog button, you will also need this 2-Way Raptor OEM Fog Connector Splitter to combine them before relocating the other connection with the Relocation Harness.)

Component of the SPV Harness System-

PATENTED - US 11,699,537 B2

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