BLANK PLUG for Weather Pack Connector Kits - Use with SPV Parts Harness System or Switch Wires (Sold in Singles)

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Connector Kit PLUGS-


Our new harness system utilizes Weather Pack connectors for plug n play application and cross adaption to virtually any light, models or brand. On the ends that go to your Aux Switches, our harnesses have a single female Weather Pack connector installed. We include a matching male connector in our harnesses for that single connection, but not for all 6 of your switches.

These Plugs can be inserted into mating connectors to cap off unused connectors from weather.

You will still need a connector to insert this into the cavity. Connector kits are sold separately on our site. You can purchase those or use the extras you have with your harness kits.

Each plug fills ONE cavity. So a 3 hole plug needs 3 for example.


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