SPV Parts Harness Tap Switch for RGB Color Change - SPV Harness System (Works with MANY vehicles, See Details)

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In Line Tap Switch


Use these for the following applications with our universal harness system-

  • In Line Tap Switch for Rigid RGB Lights

Examples would be- 

  • This inline tap switch allows you to change backlight colors by tapping it and entering a program mode. This eliminates needing to disconnect and tap a wire on the battery. Power flows all the time it is not pressed. Pressing it interrupts power. See video for more details.

You can choose from 2 versions-


Version 1 - Standard In Line

The standard in line version uses the power on the circuit it is connected between. For example: If you have a 10" Light Bar or RGBW pair of lights and are connected to a marker adapter or headlight adapter that powers your backlights. This application should be fine. 

To use this version. You will have the power on with that circuit, such as your parking or headlights on. Then tap the switch in sequence to change colors. When the switch is not depressed, power will flow through it from the in-line circuit.

Version 2 - Battery Powered with Fuse

If you have a LARGER light bar or several lights and are connecting to the factory circuit on a newer Bronco or F-150 Raptor. For example a 30" or 40" Light bar or SEVERAL RGBW Pod Lights. You will want this option. This is because the newer vehicles are overly sensitive to power drops. When it senses a power drop over a certain amount by tapping the switch to change the color, it will turn OFF that circuit. This version connects to the vehicle battery with ONE cable and get the power to tap and change color from the battery rather than the inline circuit. 

To use this version, you will have the power and ignition OFF. And then you will tap the switch to change the color sequence. When the switch is NOT depressed, it will only get power from the in-line circuit, not the battery.


Harness System Description-

This harness is part of our UNIVERSAL harness system. Each harness can be used for virtually ANY vehicle and ANY lighting application with the use of our many adapters and modules. Each adapter or module will simply plug into the harness to fit virtually ANY light.
For example, if you have any light such as Rigid Radiance, Scene, 360, or any other make and model WITHOUT connectors on the bare wires with the lights. You will simply add on the included matching connectors in the included kit. 
If you have lights WITH connectors on them, you just add the correct connector adaptor type. Some examples of connector adapters are- Rigid Pro Series lights or Single stage lights use DT connectors. Baja Designs (For the most part) use WP Connectors. If you have a 3 wire light (With the Amber/Multicolor background) you can use the included plug pack to either add to your lights 90% of the time, or your light will most likely already have the 3 way WP connectors on them, which will match to these harnesses. 

These harnesses also can be interconnected to other adapters from the system. Including Tail Light or Marker Light Trigger adapters to trigger reverse lights, marker lights to backlit lighting, etc. 

See other optional components to BUILD YOUR LIGHTING SYSTEM!!


This Component is a stand alone harness that is all you will need in applications like the Ford F-150 Raptor, where you are connecting in to the vehicles BUILT IN RELAYS and FUSES. This harness is not FUSED and therefore, if you are connecting it direct to ANYTHING other than a fused circuit, you MUST connect our add on Relay/Fuse adaptor to protect your lights and vehicle from fire. We are NOT responsible for incorrectly installed equipment. If you have questions, please refer to the chart, instructions or reach out to us so we can guide you.

Component of the SPV Harness System-

PATENTED - US 11,699,537 B2

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