SPV Parts 2021-2023 F-150/Tremor - Rigid Radiance/Scene Fog Light Kit w/amber backlight - Including Brackets/Harness

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Select Your Lights: Standard Radiance # 20204
Is this kit for a Tremor with built in switches?: Yes - I Have Built In Switches
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Ford F-150 (All Trims Except Raptor) and Tremor Fog kit including Brackets and triple harness for 2021-2022 Raptor in STAINLESS & BLACK POWDERCOAT

Choose from the Radiance, or Radiance Scene versions:

The Standard Radiance and the Scene versions have the SAME effect. The Backlight (Amber or Red) is the same.

The Differences are this-


Radiance Lumens 900 Per Pod (X 4)

Scene Lumens 2970 Per Pod (x 4)


Any light kit in this group with the SAE Models listed are the NEWEST Rigid SAE Pro lights which produce a WHOPPING 3,452 lumens! That is almost unheard of in a true certified SAE Light!

While the SAE lights do NOT have an amber backlight, they have become very popular to put in the middle of either 2 Radiance or 2 Scene lights that do. SAE lights are 100% Street Legal/Traffic Certified and offer an additional light pattern. When SAE light is on, the amber of the other 2 Radiance or Scene lights shine on both sides like a Headlight with parking lights. 

If you are not worried about a certified street legal light. You can simply choose all Radiance, All Scene or a mix of the two and they will ALL have the amber backlights.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Pair Rigid Industries Dual Mounts #46740 - $399.99 Value
  • 2 Pair of Rigid POD Radiance AMBER Fogs - $181.89 each or $299.59 each with the scene version.
  • Or One Pair of SAE Pro #504815 and 1 pair of Radiance or Scene
  • SPV Single Pair Fog Harness - $69.99 value
  • (Select the Relay option if you DON'T have a Tremor or built in switches)
  • SPV OEM Fog Adapters (Pair) - $24.99 Value
  • SPV Harness Splitters (Pair) - $29.99 Value

Note: There are several ways you can wire your lights in. We want to provide the best general option, but at the same time, not throw in all the other options and increase the price without allowing you that choice. 

So each kit includes, a single fog harness that goes to the switch wires for one pair of lights (in Tremor models you DON'T need the Relay Adapter) as well as adapters to connect to the OEM Fog Switch for BOTH Tremor and others. We also include a pair of light splitters in case you want to combine 2 pairs onto either the Single Fog harness or the Fog Switch.

(Please Note: If combining 2 pairs together with the splitters, the OEM Fog switch is rated at 10 amps. While 4 Scene lights are technically 2 amps each and total 8 amps. They may Blow the fuse. 2 Radiance pairs would be fine. 2 Scene may still be fine, but it will be close.)

No Drilling Required
This version of the RADIANCE Series has an LED Amber surround for an effect that glows like the Parking Lights.

This can be wired into the amber parking lights with our optional Headlight/Marker Adapter to be turned on when they are.

The other main WHITE LED Bulb can be illuminated by connecting it to your utility switches.

These can be run on 2 individual switches or tied into 1 switch.

If you have a question on the differences between this Fog kit and our OTHER Rigid Fog Kits, or any other kit on the market you are trying to compare, Shoot us a message. We would be more than happy to provide detailed comparative information.

Install time, approx 2-4 hours. 



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