SPV Parts 2021+ Ford Bronco Roofline HIGH Mount Kit w/ 40" Rigid Radiance+ SR Light Bar, (8) Radiance Pods or (8) 4" 360 Lights & Hidden Harness

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Light Bar or Pod Lights? (Select): Roof Mount Kit with 40" Rigid SR Light Bar
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SPV Parts 2021+ Ford Bronco Roofline HIGH Mount Kit w/ 40" Rigid Radiance+ SR Light Bar, (8) Radiance Pods or (8) 4" Radiance 360 Lights & Hidden Harness


NEW SPV 2021+ Ford Bronco Roof Line Mount Kit with Light Bar or With Cross-mount.
For those concerned about wind noise. Our new HIGH mount kit is 2 inches taller than the Rigid SR Series model and several others. It still accommodates the same 40" Radiance SR or SR Pro Light Bars. Why this extra Hight makes a difference is due to air flow.
With the SOFT TOP mostly, people have complained about excess wind noise with roof mounted light bars on the Bronco. It isn't just the fact that the air is going past a light up there that causes the excess noise. The main issue is due to the gap when low profile lights are so close to the windshield. The air goes UP the windshield as you drive. Normally it could pass straight over the top without too much effort. However, with a Low-profile mount, the air is forced to the bottom of the flat light bar, and then has to squeeze through a TINY gap between the roof and the light bar. That small gap with so much velocity through it causes much more noise than would normally be present. With a soft top, you hear a lot more. Please note. The higher mounts won't eliminate ALL noise. With the soft top, many of you know there is wind noise regardless. However, the tall mounts will reduce that by a lot. 

These kits will come with our Hidden Roof Harness. Max Amps are 20 Amps.

The Radiance SR draws 10 Amps

The Radiance pods draw 1 amp each, times 8 for a total of 8.

The Scene Draw 2 amps each, times 8 for a total of 16. 

This means the SR Light bar and standard Radiance can fit on a 15-amp switch or 10 amp for the Radiance. The Scene would need to go on Switch 1 which is 30 Amps. 

With the pod lights, some basic wiring is needed to combine the lights to one so they can connect to the Hidden Harness Cleanly.

We also recommend our wire prep pack for easy install.

WARNING - Due to the taller mounts, you may or may not have clearance issues going into a home garage. Always verify clearance prior to entering for the first time.
Also, these mounts are taller and do have more clearance underneath. However, while they will still accommodate most 40" light bars, it is important not to overload them with excess weight. Extremely large or heavy bars/lights may put too much stress on the 6MM studs Ford Preinstalled in the Bronco's. We are not responsible for damage to your vehicle from faulty installations.

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