SS5 Ultra Heavy Duty CrossLink Splitter Harness (one)

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  • Splitter wires to connect the SS5 Pods on your 5-8 Pod Pro CrossLink Lightbar
  • Standard Deutsch DT and DT-P 4-pin connectors


Power your Stage Series CrossLink Lightbar. These splitter wires are used to connect the SS5s on a 5-8 Pod Pro CrossLink Lightbar. All SS5 pods come standard with a DT 4-pin connector on the back of the pod. Due to power requirements, 5-8 Pod Pro CrossLink Lightbars require an Ultra Heavy Duty Wiring Harness to power the bar, which uses a DT-P 4-pin connector. Both CrossLink Splitters and a Terminating Splitter must be used to daisy-chain the SS5s together and connect to the wiring harness.

The CrossLink Splitter has one DT-P 4-pin input connector, along with a 4-pin DT output and DT-P output connector, to be daisy-chained to the next pod. The Crosslink Splitter is used for all but one splitter harness connection, which is for the Terminating Splitter.

The Terminating Splitter has one DT-P 4-pin input connector, and two DT 4-pin output connectors. The Terminating Splitter connects the two SS5 pods on the opposite end of the wiring harness. Each 5-8 Pod Pro CrossLink Lightbar will use a single Terminating Splitter.

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