2017-2020 BUILD YOUR OWN Ford F-150 Raptor No Drill OEM Bumper Universal Light Mount Kit

by Specialty Performance Parts

$1,399.99 $1,609.97

For those of you who want a NO DRILL option to truly customize whatever lights you can imagine on your Raptor, this is it.

The Base kit comes with the Mounting hardware. All you need to do is select you optional lights to complete the kit.

This Bracket kit gives you the versatility of a custom Bumper, without the need to replace your OEM bumper. 

Key features-

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black textured powder coat finish
  • Adjustable slots for both the lights and for the mounting of the bar to the bumper mounts
  • Universal fitment for lighting
  • Mounting holes in the back underside to zip tie and secure your wiring
  • No drill. Direct Bolt on.


  • The top mount plate has 5 slots. Each slot is large enough to accept bolts from Baja designs, Rigid Industries and many other makes.
  • This mount kit allows you to add up to 10 of the smaller POD or round lights, such as Rigid D-series, Rigid Radiance, Rigid 360 4" 
  • You can mount up to 5 larger lights such as the Baja LP6, or Rigid 360 6"
  • You can mount a combination of the smaller 4" and 6" lights
  • You can mount a smaller series light bar AND a combination of pod lights.
  • Because the camera is important to many people, you can choose to leave space in the center for visibility and mount the lights on the outer areas.

Key benefits to this kit over a replacement aftermarket bumper-

  • Less weight - Aftermarket Steel bumpers weigh well over 100 lbs. The point of the GEN 2 Raptor was weight savings.
  • No Rust - These Mounts and brackets are Stainless Steel. Aftermarket bumpers are normal steel and will rust over time. Generally from the inside out or around the welds because the powder coat can't cover the inside effectively
  • Less cost over an aftermarket bumper
  • More custom mounting options

Select your optional lights from the drop downs to complete your build


The Harnesses are 14 Gauge Main Wires (18 Gauge for the White Wire for Backlights)

Each Harness will include our Relay Kit for up to 30 Amps with built in fuse. These connect direct to the battery and are triggered from the switches. So it doesn't matter the Amps of the switch wire you use. It is only a trigger.

You have the option of picking "Without Wire Harnesses", With 1, 2 or 3 Harnesses.

The Harnesses are still going to need to be connected to a short amount of wire between the light setup chosen, and the Plug. The plug will get all the way to the bumper side. It will come with an add on plug. You will just need a short amount of wire to connect to your lights and combine those into the included Plug and pins that plug into the Harness. That is the easy part. If you select the Harness/s with Relay/s, You will have the hard part done.

- Important when choosing a harness. The 6" 360 Lights draw a little over 5 amps each. You can put all 4 on ONE relay harness if you choose, but NO MORE than 4 will work without blowing the 30 amp fuse. You can also choose 2 if you want them powered independently.

If you choose 3 pairs of 6" 360 Lights, you will need 2 Relay Harnesses (Unless you choose no harness) So there is not an option for one. Just 2 or 3.

The same goes for the Mega Kit. You will need a minimum of 2 harnesses. One for the 4 Large 6" Lights and One for the other 6 Smaller 4" Lights. Or, you can choose 3 Harnesses to split them up. For example, I would put one Harness on the Amber Ones and One one the other 4 Small and one on the 4 Large. 

The Baja LP6 Lights do NOT have a wire harness option because they are quite complex. They have high and low beams and require a much more complex wiring method. 

Kit Combinations-

6" Rigid 360s come in either 2 Spot and 2 Driving Patterns with AMBER Backlight or An additional pair of either of those.

The Mega Kit (Also Shown in the Video in the photo section) includes 2 Large 6" Spot, 2 Large 6" Driving, 2 Small 4" Spot, 2 Small 4" Driving and 2 SAE Amber (Selective Yellow) For fog/snow 4" Lights (recommended to be on an independent switch).

Baja LP6's come in the Driving Combo with Amber Backlight. You can choose 4 or 5 Lights. Also shown in photos.

Rigid 360 Round 6" Lights produce 8600 Lumens EACH

Rigid 360 Round 4" Lights produce 3100 Lumens EACH

So you can see the math puts the 4 - 6" Lights at 34,400 Lumens and the Mega Kit at 53,000 Lumens


The possibilities are TRULY endless and these preconfigured options are just an example. If you prefer to assemble your OWN configuration of lights, please see the Bracket Section for the mount itself, and then you can choose your own lights.


Here is a link to the Bracket Section-


Here is a link to the Individual Light Section-


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