2017-2020 Raptor (FULL SIZE) 10'' LOWER Grille Light Bar Kit LED (Behind Grille)

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The NEW Behind the LOWER Grille Light bar Kit by SPV Parts allows you to install a 6" or a 10" Rigid Industries LED Light bar in the lower grille opening of a 17-20 Raptor.

There is a wide array of options in choosing the combination you want. 

The 6" and the 10" Light bars are available in an SR (Single Row) slim case, or the full Size (Double Row) case. These light bar options come in either the "Pro Line" or the "Radiance Line" The NEW Radiance SR Plus models have a NEW RGB color selecting option... Including a rotating feature that cycles through all the colors.      

It has a really cool amber backlight, while providing high power, quality WHITE light for added visibility.

NOTE: If you live in a state that REQUIRES a front plate, it will partially block the light.

The kit includes:

  • Your Selection of Optional Light Bar (See Below)
  • Wire Harness
  • SPV Stainless Steel Brackets and Mounting Hardware
  • Instructions

Radiance 10" Light Bar Options (Backlight Color):

  • Radiance+ Full Size -  Amber Backlight #210043  (4,752 Lumens)
  • Radiance+ Full Size -  White Backlight #210003  (4,752 Lumens)
  • Radiance+ Full Size -  Blue Backlight #210013  (4,752 Lumens)
  • Radiance+ Full Size -  Red Backlight #210023  (4,752 Lumens)
Note: Full Size Radiance are NOT color selectable. You get the color background you choose ONLY. Use of Red or Blue on the front of a vehicle MAY be illegal in some states.

E-Series Pro Light Bar Options:

  • 10 inch Flood (Black Case) #110113  (15,840 Lumens)
  • 10 inch Spot (Black Case) #110213  (15,840 Lumens)
  • 10 inch Spot/Flood Combo (Black Case) #110313  (15,840 Lumens)
  • 10 inch Driving (Black Case) #178613  (18,810 Lumens)
  • 10 inch Spot/Driving Combo (Black Case) #178313  (19,008 Lumens)

 **PDF Instructions Click HERE**