2017-2020 Raptor NO DRILL Bumper Mount & 40'' Curved Light Bar Kit

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Alright, get excited! Now you can skip buying heavy aftermarket bumpers just to mount a Light Bar to your Raptor! The New Raptor Bumper Mounts allow you to mount a 40" Curved Light bar. Big heavy bumpers are susceptible to rust, and the added 200-300lbs WILL change the handling of your truck. Think of driving on a winding road with a snow plow on the front of your truck...

Featured in the photos is the 40" Radiance Plus Curved Light Bar. 

Other bar options are available.... See below.

Kit includes:

  • Upper Mount Kit - Consists of 2 Top Mounts in 7 gauge stainless steel with black textured powdercoat
  • 2 lower Mount Braces in 7 gauge stainless steel with black textured powdercoat
  • Your choice of 40" Curved Amber Radiance light bar, or Pro Curved Light bars (Prices vary)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Custom Wire Harness
  • Installation Instructions

 (NOTE: These light bars are large. They may block up to 50% of the lower half of the front camera. That is just typical with front mount light bars.)

Light Bar Descriptions:

40" Radiance Plus Curved - #34004

Featuring RIGID’s improved LED technology, the Radiance Plus light bars deliver up to 35% more raw lumens than before. The RIGID Radiance Plus bars are built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as our legendary E-Series bars, but that’s where the visual similarities end. Inside, the Radiance Plus bars are feature-packed, with a black exposed circuit board, optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics that combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern. Further, the Radiance Plus bars have built-in back-lighting available in white, amber, red, blue and green. Large back-lit and recently updated RIGID branding plates further add to the unique look of the Radiance light bar. 

204 Watts / 14.57 Amp Draw / 15 Volts / 16,632 Lumens


40" RDS SR-Series PRO Curved - #88431

RIGID revolutionized the lighting industry with the RDS Series, the world’s first curved light bar. The new RDS SR-Series PRO offers the same great styling and functional advantages of the RDS Series in a more streamlined package. The SR-Series has always provided a sleek, low-profile lighting solution that measures less than 2 inches tall. By treating the proven design to a gentle arc, the RDS SR-Series PRO is right at home in modern bumpers, windshields, grille inserts, and other applications where a curve look is more complimentary than that of a traditional light bar. The curve is for more than just looks, it is also functional: the arc of the RDS SR-Series PRO light bar provides a wider spread of light, providing unmatched lighting coverage with a single light bar. The bar offers the same quality extruded aluminum housing and unbreakable polycarbonate lens as other RIGID products, but it now packs more light output than ever thanks to PRO LEDs with more raw lumens. More than just functional, new blacked out circuit boards and updated branding further enhance the RDS SR-Series PRO’s sleek and subtle look. Built with the same quality components as the rest of RIGID’s lighting products, the new RDS SR-Series PRO provides reliable and efficient lighting on demand.

229 Watts / - Amp Draw / - Volts / 31,680 Lumens


40" RDS-Series Pro Curved - #884213

RIGID revolutionized the lighting industry with the introduction of the RDS-Series, and recent advancements in LED technology have made them more powerful than ever before with the RDS-Series PRO, PROfessional Race Output. With an improved output of up to 70% more raw lumens, the RDS-Series PRO projects more usable light exactly where it’s needed on the road ahead. By taking an E-Series light bar and treating it to a gentle arc, the patented RDS-Series PRO provides a sleek, integrated look with the curved windshields and bumpers on today’s trucks and SUVs. The curve is for more than just looks, it is also functional: the arc of the RDS-Series PRO light bars provides a wider spread of LED light, providing unmatched lighting coverage with a single light bar. RDS-Series PRO also includes updated branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look.

314 Watts / 22.44 Amp Draw / 36 Volts / 63,360 Lumens


40" RDS-MIDNIGHT Edition Pro Curved - #884213BLK

It’s all about stealth with RIGID’s new Midnight Optics. Utilizing our exclusive Hybrid Spot Optic with a translucent black enamel coating, our Midnight Optics take the subtle “blacked out” look seriously featuring black oxide hardware, to dark grey screen-printed and black embossed logos on the bezel. Midnight Optics enable RIGID to “disappear” during the day while still providing powerful LED technology to light up the night. Thanks to improved LED technology, the Midnight Edition PRO now offers more light output than ever before. Midnight Optics are available in E-Series,RDS-Series, SR-Series, and D-Series product lines.

275 Watts / 19.64 Amp Draw / 36 Volts / 35,640 Lumens


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