2021-2024 Ford F-150 Raptor OEM FOG Connector (Pair) to 3 Pole Weather Pack Adapter / Backlight Port (Diode Dynamics/Radiance)

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3 Pole Weather Pack Connector Adaptor to Factory FOG connector (21+ Raptor) With Backlight Port



Connects to the factory fog connection in the Gen 3 Raptor. Plugs directly into an aftermarket light that has 3 wires. Such as Rigid Radiance or Diode Dynamics with Backlight. 

Please note.

For Rigid Radiance/Scene, you would want to add on matching single 3 Way female WP connectors (Also in our Harness Section).

Click HERE for the single ADD ON Connectors for lights with bare wires

For Diode Dynamics you would want to add on the 4 Way DT adapter Also in our harness section.

Click HERE for 4 Way DT Adapters for Diode Dynamics

Then for either, you can add a backlight Y Harness to connect to 4 lights/connectors that will run a single connection up to the switch wire area to power the backlights. You can either connect this harness to a single switch, or to our optional Parking/Marker adapter.

Click HERE for the Backlight Y Harness

Click HERE for the Parking/Marker Adapter

Component of the SPV Harness System-

PATENTED - US 11,699,537 B2

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