SPV Parts 2021-2022 Ford Bronco Aux Wire Connector Prep Kit (Includes 15 connectors)

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Connector Kit for the 2021+ Bronco with Auxiliary Switches-

Our new harness system utilizes Weather Pack connectors for plug n play application and cross adaption to virtually any light, models or brand. On the ends that go to your Aux Switches, our harnesses have a single female Weather Pack connector installed. We include a matching male connector in our harnesses for that single connection, but not for all 6 of your switches.

This connector kit gives you male connectors for all 6 powered wires which will connect to any of our harnesses directly. You then have 3 pass through wire connections at the fire wall near your 6 powered wires which go to the passenger floor board. So you have 3 female connectors in this kit for those 3 wires.

Then in that floor board area, 2 of your pass through wires terminate there and 1 terminates at the front grille. You have 3 male connectors for those connections. 

Last, in the same floor board area, you have 2 more wires that go to other areas. These would plug into the 2 pass through wires in that same area that came from your fire wall. One of those wires goes to the rear quarter panel and one to roof line above the windshield. So you have 2 female connectors to go there. Then 1 more for the windshield area behind the visor if you need it.

With all of these installed, your Bronco (With Aux Switches) can then plug into any of our harnesses. You can arrange and re-arrange connections to the pass through wire connections as you desire any time by plugging two together, or if you don't have one of our harnesses and you simply want to put a female connector on something you've put together, you can purchase extra single connectors in our store. 

Customer Reviews

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Paul Duray
Weather Pack Connector Kit For Ford Bronco

This Kit really simplifies your approach to wiring accessories on the Bronco’s factory-installed powered auxiliary switches, as well as the non-powered wiring located in other parts of the vehicle. Once installed, these connectors eliminate having to snip off wiring ends and creating new butt connectors, if you decide to change, swap, upgrade your accessories (e.g., fog lights, ditch lights) later on. Great product!


just what you need to keep your connections waterproof and looking nice with the ability to change your mind

Trent Marsh
Kit is great.

Great kit. I have a few broken pieces but after calling they just told me to send an email. They would then send replacements.

Weather proof connectors

The connectors were so simple to install and best part of it, it now feels like it was built by the factory for my truck. It looks so nice and clean. I’m wso happy with my purchase and will definitely be purchasing again from SPV Parts! Also, the videos are great help

Ted Chaplain
Service and gear

Best service ever

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