2024 Gen 3 Ford Raptor MODULAR BUMPER Baja Designs S8 or ONX6 40 inch Bumper Light Bar Kit by SPV Parts

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Choose S8 or ONY6 Model: 40 inch S8 with Amber Backlight
Choose Your Light Bar Kit: 40 inch Spot
Choose Clear or Yellow Lens: Clear (White Light)
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SPV Parts 2024+ Ford Raptor MODULAR Bumper Baja Designs S8 or ONX6 Light Bar Kit

NOTE: 2024 Models. These fit the 2024 models with the 37 package & R Models with the new MODULAR Bumper. They don't fit the standard 35 Bumper. 


(Shipping in approx July 15th)

This light bar kit bolts directly to your modular bumper using the 4 bolts on each side. No cutting or drilling required

The brackets have several holes and slotted adjustments to make a super clean fit.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Main no drill bumper mounts, 2 Light Bar top Mounts and Hardware.
  • Choice of Baja S8 or ONX6+ Series 40" Light bar
  • Connector Pack to adapt the end of the Baja Relay harness to connector style like our harnesses and plug into the factor switch wires. 


    Choosing the right light bar for YOU...

    The main difference between the 2 light bars physically, is that the S8 is about 1/2 as tall as the ONX6. However, it also has 1/2 the total light output.

    The S8 on the other hand has an amber backlight for that cool effect. This can be tied into the parking marker light circuit with our optional Marker Adapter. Look for it under the "Add to Cart" button.

    As for wiring. Our Plug N Play Harness from our system is optional, but with these light bar models, which are over the 15-amp max and REQUIRE a relay and higher amp fuse. So, to keep costs down for the end user, we are including a connector kit that can be installed on the end of the included Baja Harness to add connectors to that and the switch wires. This way you can still unplug and move them around if you want, like our other harnesses.


    Detailed Light Specifications-

    40-inch ONX6 Light Bars

    • Part # 454001 Spot, 454003 Combo, 454004 Wide, 454013 Amber Combo, 454014 Amber Wide
    • Weight - 15.05
    • Optics - Spot, Combo, Wide Cornering, Work/Scene, Amber Combo, Amber Wide Cornering
    • Watts - 346
    • Amp Draw - 26.8
    • Voltage Max - 36
    • Raw Lumens - 38,900


    40-inch S8 Light Bars

    • Part # 704001 Spot, 704003 Combo, 704004 Wide, 704006 Scene, 704013 Amber Combo, 704014 Amber Wide
    • Weight - 8.65
    • Optics - Spot, Combo, Wide Cornering, Work/Scene, Amber Combo, Amber Wide Cornering
    • Watts - 240
    • Amp Draw - 16
    • Voltage Max - 36
    • Raw Lumens - 25,400


    Details For Baja Designs Light Bars

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Complete Purchase Protection
    • uService – Replaceable Lenses and Optics
    • ClearView – All the Light, Right Where You Need It
    • MoistureBlock – Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible
    • CopperDrive – Only LED Driven At 100 Percent
    • 5000K Daylight – Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color


    (NOTE: Light bars may partially block some of the lower half of the front camera. That is just typical with front mount light bars. The Cross mount can be used also as an alternative by pushing 4 big lights to the outer sides of the cross bar clearing the center if that concerns you. Or go with an SR Series low profile bar.)

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