Backlight Wire Splitter / Fog Harness Combiner Y Adaptors

by Specialty Performance Parts

$5.99 $9.99

Y- Adaptors come in 3 colors -

  • Red (Main Power Splitter/Combiner)
  • Black (Ground Splitter)
  • White (Radiance Backlights)

This is a simple Y adaptor with plugs to effortlessly combine 2 sources - Rear (Radiance, Scene, SRL) lights and Front (Radiance, Scene, 360 Round) Light kits, into the single Backlight wire connection (Or a single switch if you put the backlights on a switch)

For a third connection, such as a Radiance Light Bar... Simply get 2 Y Adaptors

For the Backlights, Choose White.


The Red Splitter is used to combine 2 light pairs (Or all 3 with 2 Y adaptors) into one switch in most applications. 

For example. Say you get a Radiance/Scene mixed kit with 2 Scene and one Radiance. You want to put BOTH Scene pairs on one switch wire. With this adaptor, you would just plug both connectors on the SPV Fog Harness that you want combined into the Y adaptor. Then, you would plug the one connection into the single switch you chose.

In this case, you would select RED


Remember, Each splitter splits/combines 2 connections. 2 Y's would split 3 because you are splitting one connection on the first Y with the second one.


Click here to view the installation instructions 

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