2021+ Bronco SMOKED Grille (Amber LED) Marker Lights - By SPV

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Choose Your Kit: COMPLETE - Includes Headlight/Parking Light Adapter (All Plug N Play)
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We are Pleased to offer our new LED Grille Lights for the 21+ Ford Bronco

Compatibility*- Our new SMOKED with Amber Light Marker Adapter Kit to snap into any Wildtrack, Badlands, Everglades or First Edition OEM Grille

Currently these are made to be a DIRECT fit for the grille design shown.

We will be releasing updated versions for other grille types in the near future.

Our harness is designed to plug right into our Marker Adapter. All plug n Play. 

However, since you only need ONE Headlight/Parking Light Adapter, and you may already have one from another kit. We don't want you to be required to pay for another. So we have broken these into 3 options-


  • Kit 1- With Headlight Adapter included (Plugs into the headlight without cutting or splicing and powers the lights from the parking/running lights power)
  • Kit 2- WITHOUT Headlight Adapter but WITH a 2 way splitter (This is if you already have a Headlight Adapter with another kit from us with backlights and want to add these to your setup. The Splitter allows you to "Share" the connection.
  • Kit 3- Grille Lights and Base Harness ONLY (This is if you want to run your connection to a switch or fuse tap or somewhere else on your own.)
  • Kit 4- Grille Lights and Extension Cable with Connectors to Aux Wires (This is if you want to run your connection to an Aux switch all plug in (except the one connector you add to your aux switch wire which is included.)

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