SPV Parts 2021+ Gen 3 Ford Raptor Rigid Radiance+ & SR 40 inch Bumper Light Bar Kit

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Choose Your Light Bar Kit: 40 inch FULL SIZE Radiance+ Light Bar (RGBW)
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SPV Parts 2021+ Ford Raptor Radiance 40" Bumper Light Bar Kit

NOTE: 2024 Models. These fit the 2024 models with the 35 package. They don't fit the new Modular Bumper on the R model or 37 Package. We will have new mounts for those soon.


Alright, get excited! Now you can skip buying heavy aftermarket bumpers just to mount a Light Bar to your Raptor! The New Raptor Bumper Mounts allow you to mount a 40-inch Light Bar to your Raptor.

Big heavy bumpers are susceptible to rust, and the added 200-300lbs WILL change the handling of your truck. Think of driving on a winding road with a snowplow on the front of your truck... Problem solved with our premium no drill mount kits

Our Main Bumper Mounts are a THICK 7 Gauge Stainless Steel. Almost 1/4 inch thick for heavy weight from those big bars! The Post Mounts for Light Bars are 11 Gauge Stainless Steel as well.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Main no drill bumper mounts, 2 Light Bar top Mounts and Hardware.
  • Choice of Radiance+ FULL SIZE or SR RGB Series 40" Light bar
  • SPV Parts Plug N Play Style Premium Light Bar Harness


Choosing the right light bar for YOU...

The main difference between the 2 light bars physically, is that the SR series is about 1/2 as tall. The SR Series is RGB, meaning you can change colors of the backlight (See photos). The SR Series has upgraded optics that produce slightly more lumens.

As for the Full-Size Radiance. Though you can't change the backlight color. The Amber, with the large case is MUCH more visible and pronounced. If you are concerned about the camera visibility, the SR may be your choice. If the bold amber backlight is more important. You will like the full size more.

As for wiring. Our Plug N Play Harness from our system is included. Though the Radiance lights don't have connectors preinstalled. We provide an add on kit with our harness for you, as well as connectors to add to your switch wires for a plug n play solution from there on out!

You may want to add our Marker Adapter option (listed under the add to cart) to integrate your backlights into the factory parking/marker lights. If you get the SR model. You may want to also add in addition, our tap switch to easily change colors on the fly.

NOTE: These light bars draw just under 15 amps. This means you will want to connect them to Aux switches 2 or 3 in the Gen 3 Raptor which are rated at 15 amps. Otherwise, you will want to add on our plug in Relay Adapter. Also shown under the Add to Cart.


Detailed Light Specifications-

Full Size Radiance+ Light Bar

  • Part # 240043 
  • Weight - 13.61
  • Optics - Broad Spot
  • Watts - 204
  • Amp Draw - 14.57
  • Voltage Max - 15
  • Raw Lumens - 16,632
  • Lux @ 10M - 2,595
  • Beam Distance @ 1Lux - 509
  • Beam Distance @ .25Lux - NP
  • Horizontal Beam Angle - 18.5

SR Size Radiance+ Light Bar

  • Part # 240603
  • Weight - 15.00
  • Optics - Broad Spot
  • Watts - 197
  • Amp Draw - 14.8
  • Voltage Max - NP
  • Raw Lumens - 22,848
  • Lux @ 10M - 2,800.68
  • Beam Distance @ 1Lux - 529.2
  • Beam Distance @ .25Lux - 1,058.45
  • Horizontal Beam Angle - 24



(NOTE: Light bars may partially block some of the lower half of the front camera. That is just typical with front mount light bars. The Cross mount can be used also as an alternative by pushing 4 big lights to the outer sides of the cross bar clearing the center if that concerns you.)

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