SPV Parts Baja Designs Standard A - Pillar (Ditch) Light Kit for Ford 2017-2020 Raptor/F-150

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Choose Your Light Pair: Squadron Sport SPOT - 557801
Do you Need a Relay/Fuse Adapter?: No - I don't Need a Relay
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This A-Pillar Light kit from SPV Parts includes Your Choice of Baja Designs Light pods and SPV Stainless Steel Powdercoated Brackets. (Select Light Choice from the list) Fits 2017-2020 F-150's and Raptors.

Choice of Squadron, S2 or S1 Lights.

It Also includes the SPV Parts A-Pillar Custom Wire Harness. The Harness has 3 wires and is designed to work with ANY light kit. So should you swap light models or brands in the future. The harness can adapt to those as well.

This kit uses our standard duty A-Pillar Mounts, which will handle the weight of these lights perfectly well. Do not put LARGER lights on the standard mounts.

If you would like a LARGER light, see our new Heavy Duty A-Pillar Mounts & kits for the 17-20 Raptor and F-150 Coming Soon). Those have 2 mount points and can support a vast amount of weight.


For Raptor Applications, you do NOT need a relay. The included harness and hardware are all you need. (For Most Instances, unless you want to use a 5 amp switch)

For the F-150 NON Raptor Models, ADD the optional Relay Plug in harness.

This harness quickly connects to the already included harness to draw power from the battery. From there, you can connect it to any switch, or you can add our F-150 Center Console Switch panel kit to power up to 3 Light kits. (Also not required for Raptor Applications)

Relay Harness is pictured and is OPTIONAL in the add on list.

Squadron Sport - 3162 Lumens

Squadron Pro - 4,095 Lumens

S2 Sport - 1,581 Lumens

S2 Pro - 2,245 Lumens

S1 - 2,320 Lumens

Fits 21 up Raptor and F-150

(Choose your light pair in the list)

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