SPV Parts Harness 2 Pole DT Connector CROSSOVER Adapters (Pair) - SPV Harness System (Works with MANY vehicles, See Details)

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2 Pole DT Connector CROSSOVER Adaptor (To Universal Harness System) (Pair)


Works with Various Series Lights that use the 2 way DT connectors. Typically Rigid Industries Pro Series as well as others.


    The new crossover adapters use the secondary WHITE wire, which is generally used for backlights, as a secondary main light power connection.

    These adapters can tap that connection on our harnesses to offer a second on/off connection to multiple lights on the same harness.

    (These are 16 gauge wire, so amp limits are around 5-6 amps per light or 10-12 amps per circuit)

    For example. If you have a single pair fog harness. You can plug in a Crossover Splitter to each connector on our harness. It will split and give you one connector for one pair on the red wire (one switch) and one connector for another pair on the white wire (a second switch). This can also be done with a light bar harness for 2 single connections.

    A single crossover adapter can be plugged into any of our multi chain style harnesses to have a pair of lights on a separate circuit.

    For example. If you get a 6 connector harness for lights on a bumper or behind a grille and 2 of those 6 lights you want to be yellow/amber and on their own switch.

    You plug in a set of these crossover adapters to the 2 ports you choose. They then ONLY use the white wire convection and can be put on their own switch but with the same SINGLE harness.

    WARNING- NOT FOR USE ON HARNESSES CONNECTED TO BACKLIGHTS, Or our MARKER, HEADLIGHT or TAIL LIGHT ADAPTERS. When using the Crossover adapters, ONLY use them independent from lights with backlights.

    Harness System Description-

    This harness is part of our UNIVERSAL harness system. Each harness can be used for virtually ANY vehicle and ANY lighting application with the use of our many adapters and modules. Each adapter or module will simply plug into the harness to fit virtually ANY light.

    See other optional components to BUILD YOUR LIGHTING SYSTEM!!

    Component of the SPV Harness System-

    PATENTED - US 11,699,537 B2

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