12V/24V Touch Screen Switches Panel 6 Gang LED Switch Panel Slim Touch Control Panel Box for Jeep, F-150, Bronco, Ranger.

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Need switches for your Bronco, F-150, Ranger, Jeep or other vehicle? We have you covered with our universal 6 switch system with stick on labels and built in relay/fuse box! Now you can add switches to anything!


12V/24V Touch Screen Switches Panel 6 Gang LED Switch Panel Slim Touch Control Panel Box for Car Marine Boat Caravan




The product make wiring super easy with its all in one, plug and play and safety first design orientation. You will never be frustrated by wiring any more.



1.Switch Panel Voltage:12V

2.Relay: 40amp *6

3.Fuse: 30amp *1, 20amp*3, 15amp*2

4.Max Watts:960W

5.Size:12.1" * 8.1"* 3.9"

6. Package:With Retail Box


An Innovative Unique Marine-Grade panel in the market! 15-Pin VGA transmission, switch ON or OFF just touch lightly

Compact sleek & Water-resistant design, control all your devices (up to 6) on 1 panel. Idea for dashboard/console improvement to Replace Toggle/Rocker/Button switches, do not worry about it's messy anymore

6 control switches,including 6pcs 40A relay,1pc 30A fuse,3pcs 20A fuse and 2pcs 15A fuse.

The box has a temperature protection switch ,when the temperature is higher than 100,and all the relays will be automatically disconnected

All required mounting hardware and wiring instruction included



Operating at 12 Volts and a max power rating of 600 Watts, this 6 switch electronic relay module provides ample power for your custom set up.



An integrated temperature protection system enables you to safely power all connected lights. The fuses and relays are designed to prevent overheating and protect your investment.

QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION: In just an hour, you can be ready to show off those custom lights. With plug and play wiring and easy-to-install components, set-up is quick and hassle-free.



Designed for your ultimate convenience, this wiring kit has everything you need for installation and use. Each box includes a 6-switch panel, circuit control box, wires and hardware.


Universal Relay System


Featuring a universal wiring system, the 6-Switch Panel Module is compatible with virtually any vehicle. This all-in-one system allows you to wire and control up to 6 aftermarket lights and accessories without the need for modifications or custom parts.


This wiring system is ideal for controlling:

LED Light Bars \ Exterior and Interior Lights \ Off-Road Lights \ Vehicle Accessories


Package List:

1. Switch Panel + 24 Stickers

2. Screws + Mounting bracket + Tape

3. Relay and Fuse Box + Har

4. Self Locking Cable Tie + Terminals + Quick Splice Terminals

5. Insturction

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