Best Places to Take Your Ford Raptor

The Ford Raptor is not a vehicle to ignore. With its amazing off-road capability, powerful engine, and beautiful trim design, anyone would want to jump in and drive it around. Sadly, most people only take their Raptors around the street rather than on the beach or in the woods. While there’s nothing wrong with this, and we encourage any Raptor owner to use their truck how they see fit, we recommend any Raptor owner to take advantage of this truck’s power. Ford knew what they were doing when they designed the Raptor with its incredible off-road performance. Therefore, Raptor owners should check out these best places to take your Ford Raptor so that, rather than drive it on the smooth, paved asphalt, you finally get the adrenaline boost you were meant to with an off-road adventure.

Mojave Road, Arizona

Situated right on the Mojave Desert between Arizona and California is the Mojave Road. This is a historic route filled with amazing landmarks. Back in the 1800s, Mohave Indians used the trail to find local watering holes. Later, settlers, missionaries, and soldiers used the trail during the 19th century. From your truck today, you can see the Colorado River, Beaver Lake, Fort Piute, and even the Joshua Tree Forest near Landfair Valley. For those brave enough to travel through this, bring lots of water, as rest stops are far and few in between.

Rubicon Trail, California

The Rubicon Trail is another great trail for 4X4 vehicles like the Raptor. It’s 22-miles long and lies near the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe. The trail passes right through the El Dorado National Forest where anyone can see some of the beautiful tree groves. Within the trail are an open rock valley, rocky climbs, granite slabs, and off-camber obstacles. It’s important to note that part of the trail is located on private property, so be sure to respect this.

Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

Also known as the Alpine Loop National Back Country Byway, this trail is perfect for all-wheel drive vehicles. With changes in elevation, hills, and steep climbs, the Ford Raptor can easily ride this area. Located near Silverton, Colorado, those driving on the trail will experience beautiful scenery full of rivers, meadows, gulches, tundra, and even the ghost towns of Animas Forks and Capitol City.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Lastly is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is the northern tip of the state and it sits right on the great lakes of Huron and Michigan. There are many off-road routes to take in the UP, but some of the most popular are the beaches on the great lakes or the 8.6-mile Marble Head Trail. There, off-roaders can see the famous sunrise on Marble Head over Lake Huron. Many wildlife come to the area, such as moose, wolves, bears, bobcats, eagles, and hawks, to name a few.

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