Practical Upgrades for Your Ford Raptor

As the saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. In other words, the Ford Raptor is already an impressive vehicle straight from the production line. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t modifications to boost its power and visual appeal. For owners looking to enhance their OEM vehicle, know these practical upgrades for your Ford Raptor. These will add some serious enhancements to an already strong vehicle.

Window Tint

Tinted windows, or window film, are some of the most popular Raptor modifications. It makes sense: they make your truck look more like the aggressive off-road vehicle it was meant to be. Whether you drive yours on- or off-road, tinted windows actually have some benefits. Other than the additional privacy, window film can reduce heat and glare, provide thermal insulation, and further safety and security.

Fog Lights

While they’re not as intense as LED headlights, fog lights are equally important. When you drive in poor visibility from rain, fog, dust, or snow, fog lights illumine a front low beam. Typically, these are yellow or white. Still, given their infrequent use, they provide a functional purpose to your front headlights.

Cold Air Intake Kit

When you improve your Raptor’s performance, you have to install an aftermarket cold air intake kit. These pull cold air into your truck’s internal-combustion engine, which increase its efficiency. Since cool air has higher density than warm air, it has more oxygen for the engine to pull from. With reduced air temperature and increased airflow, you’ll notice greater fuel efficiency and power emitted from your pickup.

Lift Kit

Does the Raptor need a lift kit? Arguably no, but lift kits—also called suspension lifts or body kits— provide a serious height advantage that makes crawling over uneven surfaces even easier. Naturally, Ford designed the Ford Raptor to travel over rocky and off-road conditions with ease, but a lift kit will increase the ride height, allow for larger tires and improve off-road capability. This is because the added height allows for steer approaches, departures, and breakover angles, as well as higher ground clearance and better handling.

New Wheels and Tires

Lastly, new wheels and tires are an obviously practical upgrade to your truck. While they’re not as visually intense as the other upgrades on this list, new wheels and tires boost your speed and toughness. Beadlocked wheels keep them sturdy with decreased tire pressure when driving over off-road conditions. Not to mention, you can replace the all-terrain OEM tires with more weather- or road-resilient tires, like snow tires or mud tires, for some serious driving all year round.

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