Red Ford Truck at night with Grill Lights and Headlights

Truck grill lights can take your vehicle to the next level. From increased vision on the road to an improved look, these lights bring several impressive benefits. As grille lights are becoming more popular, there are several varieties on the market today. However, while this means you can find high-quality products, it also means there are cheap, low-quality options. To find the very best grill lights for your needs, trust the experts here at Specialty Performance Parts. We take pride in offering exceptional, top-of-the-line products for your truck!

Keep reading to learn more about the best LED grill lights available today. We'll discuss some features of each light, including costs, capabilities, and more!

Grill Lights Infographic with Red Truck with Grill Lightd

Best LED Grill Lights

Based on our expert opinion, we believe these are the leading truck grill lights on the market:

For Your Raptor:

Looking for an affordable, high-quality LED lighting system for your Ford Raptor? If so, look no further than Specialty Performance Parts! We carry the Morimoto Ford Raptor XB LED Grille Lights, which are much more cost-effective than other lights on the market. However, although the price tag is low, these lights still pack a punch. This Raptor style light kit has an extremely long lifespan, includes Osram LEDs behind the optical lens, and they also feature plug-n-play capabilities! Keep in mind these Morimoto Ford Raptor XB LED Grille Lights are only compatible with 2010-2020 Ford Raptor models. If you're searching for an LED upgrade in your truck, check out this light kit today!

Another exceptional option is the SPV Parts 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor Rigid SRL Behind Grille Light Bar Kit! This sleek, high-end lighting package will have your motor vehicle looking fantastic! Instead of mounting multiple auxiliary lights, this excellent light bar provides a faster, more straightforward installation process. Additionally, with its awesome amber backlight, your truck will look incredibly cool! This Rigid SRL Behind Grille Light Bar Kit includes a 20-inch light bar, stainless steel brackets, mounting hardware, a custom wiring harness, and easy-to-follow instructions. This package also features a powerful white light for enhanced visibility and safety. Keep in mind this LED lighting kit only works on 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor trucks.

For Your Ranger:

If you have a Ford Ranger and you're searching for a fantastic LED lighting solution for your beloved truck, check out our 2019-2022 Ford Ranger Lower Bumper Grille Light Bar Kit! This top-notch product works on 2019-2022 Ford Ranger models, providing brighter light and increased vision when you need it most. Choose from the S8 Kit or OnY6 Kit, which both offer different features and capabilities. This package has everything you need to experience the best LED light you've ever had, including a 20-inch light bar, mounts, and a wiring harness. As this magnificent light is mounted directly to your lower grille, no drilling or modifications are needed! The installation process is quick and easy, providing the peace of mind you can depend on. Keep in mind this LED light won't work on Ranger vehicles equipped with a speed sensor in the middle of the lower grill opening. The light bar won't fit in this location and may even impact the onboard vehicle safety system.

If you're looking for another awesome LED lighting kit at an affordable price, check out the SPV Parts 2019-2022 Ford Ranger Lower Bumper Rigid Pro E4-Series Grille Light Kit! This high-quality package comes with everything you need to get your LED lights up and running, including two E4 lights, two standard universal harnesses with rocker switches, two SPV brackets, and the necessary hardware for installation. With this package, you can also choose the optional custom, loomed plug-in wire harness with plug-in relay. Best of all, the installation process doesn't require any drilling! The kit includes no drill mounts, making the process incredibly simple.

How Do You Install a Light Bar on a Truck Grill?

After you find the perfect light bar setup for your ride, it's time to put everything together! However, as each vehicle is different, an installation process on one truck may look far different than an install on another truck. Luckily, the general steps are the same.

Here's what you can expect from the installation:

Step 1: Remove the Front Grill

First things first, you'll need to remove the grill on your truck. You can accomplish this by finding and removing the two bolts and two clips that hold the grill on your vehicle. If you're thinking about prying open the grill, only do so if the installation guide requires it.

Step 2: Pop Off Clips

After removing the grill, find the area where you'll install the light bar mounting brackets, and pop off the clips in this location.

Step 3: Attach Brackets

The next step is to follow the instructions in your LED light bar kit to attach the mounting brackets. These are typically L-shaped, and make sure the longest end is facing upwards.

Step 4: Mount the Light Bar

The moment you've been waiting for—it's time to install your LED light bar! Simply use nuts and bolts to attach the bar to the brackets.

Step 5: Connect Lights to a Power Source

The next step is to connect your lights to a power source. Make sure your wiring and everything else looks correct.

Step 6: Test Lights

You'll then want to test your lights to ensure they work properly.

Step 7: Reattach Parts and Enjoy Your New Light!

If everything works properly and is secured into place, it's time to reattach the clips and front grill. From there, you're ready to start using your brand-new light bar!

Looking for Another SPV Product?

In addition to Grille lights, we offer other amazing products, including A-Pillar, fog lights, and other light kits!

A top-notch option for your Bronco is the Baja Designs Ford Bronco (21-On) A-Pillar Kit. This amazing LED package comes with several different lighting style choices, helping you find the best solution for your needs. The standard option is the Squadron Pro LED lighting style, coming with two high-quality light pods with superior lighting capabilities. This package also includes a pair of wide cornering lenses, allowing drivers to change to a more near-field pattern. Additionally, this kit comes with a few accessories, such as the necessary hardware and a relay style harness with toggle switch.

For your fog lights, look no further than the KC HiLiTES 4-inch Gravity® LED Fog Lights! These work on 2018-2021 Jeep JL/JT models, giving you superior vision on any road. You can also expect 10 watts of power, CREE LED technology, and a 5000K color temperature. Another remarkable quality to consider is KC's patented Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD) system, which points LED lights into precision reflectors. This helps to capture as much light as possible, leading to more brightness and increased visibility while driving! KC's patented GRD technology and optical reflectors provide an astonishing 150 lx @10m while using only .74A per light!

Another great choice is the Baja Designs Squadron-R SAE LED Light Kit. This fantastic package includes a set of powerful SAE lights, which are considered some of the best in the industry! These lights are based on the popular Squadron series, providing a similar appearance. However, this SAE LED variety comes equipped with an optimized pattern and circuitry, resulting in an upgrade from other LED, HID, and Halogen factory fog lights on the market today! And while these lights are small, they pack a serious punch! In fact, these Squadron-R SAE LEDs come loaded with 2,480 lumens, offering tons of brightness when you need it most. Worried about weather? As the Baja Designs Squadron-R SAE LEDs feature our patented MoistureBlock™ technology, these lights are 100% waterproof!

Want a bumper light bar kit? The SPV Parts 2021+ Bumper Light Bar Kit would be the perfect addition to your Ford Raptor. This high-quality kit includes 2 main no drill bumper mounts, 2 light bar top mounts and hardware, a choice of Baja S8 or ONY6+ light bars, and a connector pack to make it all come together. With SPV, you only get the best.

Why Choose Specialty Performance Parts?

Whether you have a Ford Bronco, F-150 pickup truck, Ford Ranger, or Jeep, Specialty Performance Parts is here to take your ride to new heights! We carry high-quality LED grille lights, taillights, warning lights, parking light solutions, and much more! Even if you have an emergency vehicle that needs high-powered, reliable LEDs, we've got you covered.

To learn more about the best LED grille lights for your vehicle, contact Specialty Performance Parts today!