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Trucks today are built with a wide variety of innovative features. From seat warmers to rearview cameras, our cars can do just about anything. However, while having these capabilities is one thing, controlling them is a different story. This is where a toggle switch panel can help! These panels provide one convenient place for controlling several aspects of your vehicle. Furthermore, you can customize these panels to your specific needs. Whether you need to power a nitrous system or simply control your heavy-duty fog lights, a truck switch panel can be a great solution.

Top Switch Panels For Cars

What Are Truck Switch Panels?

A truck switch panel is a component that allows you to install control switches in your vehicle. These panels typically have a certain number of openings where you can insert switches to control various aspects of your ride. You can control LED lights, winches, electronic equipment, and pretty much anything else! These panels are usually made to fit the specific make and model of your truck, but universal panels are also available.

While car switch panels have been common in racing vehicles, more and more drivers are installing them in their everyday cars and trucks. You also frequently see these controls on boats and off-roading vehicles, such as jeeps, side-by-sides, and ATVs. As these vehicles have several features to control, having one convenient location for these switches can provide many benefits. Rather than having to make an adjustment on your ride or flip a switch in another location, a custom switch panel provides easy control in one area!

Truck switch panels typically come with cutouts or holes to simplify the installation process. Once you remove any necessary areas on your vehicle, these panels slide into place with ease. After that, all you need to do is add your switches! While these products are simple, they can do wonders for your vehicle.

What Makes a Good Switch Panel for Your Truck & Car?

Thinking about purchasing a new switch panel for your car or truck? If so, don't buy just any! It's important to do your research beforehand to ensure you're getting the best solution for your ride, including the best bang for your buck. First things first, check to see the material of the switch panel. It's best to stay away from cheap plastic, as this could mean a low-quality product. Furthermore, cheap plastic won't last long. If you want something that will stand up against the elements and last for many years to come, choose a switch panel made with high-quality materials, such as Specialty Performance Parts’ products.

Another tip for finding a great switch panel is to look at the manufacturer. Once you get their name, do some research about their products. Check where their panels come from, what they're made with, and how competitive their pricing is. Also, try to find information about the company or manufacturer, such as their years in business, level of experience, customer reviews, etc. Once you look over these details, you should have a good idea if the provider could be trusted.

Aside from the panel materials and the experience of the provider, consider the following when looking for the right switch panel for your ride:

  • Number of slots or openings
  • Color
  • Texture or design
  • Compatibility with vehicle
  • Types of switches
  • Sizing

After you consider the information above, you should have a good indication of the right switch panel for your needs. Luckily, there are a wide variety of switch panels on the market today, so finding the right product is easier than ever!

Benefits of a Switch Panel

A truck switch, also called a rocker switch, can be extremely useful in any vehicle. However, if you have an older car or truck without many advancements or technological capabilities, these switches may not be very useful. A switch panel works best in vehicles with upgraded features, such as LED light systems, advanced fuel pumps, and other enhancements. While these panels provide many benefits, convenience is one of the top advantages to consider. If you have several electrical features in your vehicle, having multiple switches and controls scattered around your car doesn't make practical sense. By having these switches in one area, the controls are always right at your fingertips. With this added level of convenience, you'll enjoy your vehicle that much more!

Another advantage involves an improved look and feel in your ride. By installing a stylish switch panel with the buttons your care about most, this can give your truck a sleek appearance. Also, some panels come with textured surfaces and creative designs, which can boost the appearance even further. You can even find touch screen switch panels!

The number of switches on these panels is another benefit to consider. Whether you need a panel for one single switch or 16 of them, there are options for you. If you opt for one switch, many drivers will have this switch control their main power supply. Another popular option is a starter switch or ignition switch, which starts up your vehicle with the push of a button. If you choose a panel with several slots or switch openings, these may be used to control a dome light, motor functions, accessory features, nitrous, winches, etc.

3 Hole Switch Panel for Truck

Specialty Performance Parts’ 3-Hole Switch Panel 

If you're searching for a heavy-duty switch panel for your F-150 truck, look no further than Specialty Performance Parts! We're happy to carry some of the best switch panels on the market today. One of our top products is the Ford F-150 3-Hole Switch Panel, which comes in a sleek, compact design. You can choose from our carbon fiber finish or black textured surface. Our 3-Hole Switch Panel is compatible with 2015-2020 Ford F-150 trucks.

Installation Process

The installation process for our 3-Hole Switch Panel is incredibly easy! After you've bought your panel and switches (sold separately), it's time to put everything together. First things first, you'll need to remove your center console lid. Start by finding the edge of the console panel, then lift firmly and evenly. This is held into place by snap-in clips, so you shouldn't damage anything. Once removed, you simply install your switches and slide the new switch panel into place. The panel is then attached with two ribbed push pins, which are included with purchase. Depending on the panel you choose, you may need to trim the plastic tray and bottom panel for the switches to fit properly. However, many installations don't require any trimming. After the panel the switches are installed and the new panel is secured, the last step is to reinstall the center console lid!

Specialty Performance Parts’ 3-Hole Switch Panel: Complete Kit 

If you're searching for an all-in-one switch panel package, Specialty Performance Parts has you covered! Check out our 3-Hole Switch Panel Complete Kit! This package comes with everything you need to quickly install a switch panel on your 2015-2020 F-150 truck. The kit includes a switch panel, your choice of switches, and a wire harness! If you're ready to install a switch panel and hit the road right away, our Switch Panel Complete Kit is the answer!

Installation Process

To install the rocker or pushbutton switch panel, follow the same instructions listed above for removing the center console cover. Also, follow the same details about securing installing the switches and securing the new panel in place. The difference with the complete kit is that it comes with the switches and wiring components. After removing the console cover, you'll want to connect your wiring using the wiring harness. This component simplifies the process of connecting your new switches. Be sure to follow the wiring instructions that come included with your purchase. The process is very simple.

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Need to install an additional switch in your vehicle? Want a simplified control box for all your switches? Whatever the case may be, a new gang switch panel could be the solution you need! Here at Specialty Performance Parts, we carry some of the best switch panels on the market today. Our products are high-quality, durable, and extremely easy to install! Furthermore, we also carry several other trusted products for your truck, including light bars, cold air kits, mounting hardware, and much more! And best of all—we offer FREE shipping on most purchases over $100!

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