Different Types of Ford Raptor Lighting Upgrades

Aftermarket lights are some of the best ways to customize your vehicle. Unlike factory lights that give off a weak ray, these lights offer an intense, bright glow to light up any paved or off-road surface. Therefore, it’s no surprise those who drive intense vehicles use these lights, such as pickup trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, Humvees, and other military-grade vehicles. Specifically, there are numerous options available for the Ford Raptor. You can find the different types of Ford Raptor lighting upgrades through the three biggest brands: Rigid, Baja Designs, and KC HiLites.

KC HiLites

KC HiLites specializes in off-road lighting and lighting accessories. Founded in 1970 in Saugus, California, this company came to be because owner Peter Kim Brown adapted aircraft landing lights to fit his truck. After feeling disappointed by the available off-road lights at the time, Brown began building wireless harnesses and assembling the lights in his garage. He sold the kits to off-roaders and local shops. Then, the company moved to Williams, Arizona, where it remains today.

Around this time, Brown spent time with engineers to learn more about lighting, sealed beams, filaments, wattage, and candlepower to perfect the bulb in his most popular product, the Daylighter. Before, the Daylighter would succumb to failures due to heavy vibrations during off-road use. However, Brown encircled the bulb with rubber to protect it from these vibrations, thus perfecting the Daylighter bulb.

In the 1980s, many racing teams used KC’s lamps, and KC soon developed the HID (High-Intensity Discharge) system. They based this on the same metal-halide concept used in sports stadiums. The HID and LED off-road light varieties make KC HiLites one of the biggest names for pickup trucks, ATVs, and Yamaha Rhinos today. Check out our KC M-Racks 15-20 50” Roof Rack for a lightweight, form-fitting lightbar and fog lights. As of October 2019, KC HiLites has a 23-year warranty policy with the original proof of purchase.

Baja Designs

Baja Designs is another company offering powerful Raptor lights. Keeping off-roading in mind, they manufacture American-made lighting for pickup trucks, motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, boats, military vehicles, agricultural equipment, and industrial lighting. Baja has designed road-safe intense lights thanks to its focus on limited light optics to maximize rider comfort, speed, and safety. Their lights were a huge hit in racing communities, with professional teams seeking them out for their vehicles. Also, Baja was one of the first companies to develop a serious lightbar for a bright and bold glow. We carry Baja fog kits, light bars, and offer a build-your-own fog light kit to give you control over lighting options. Baja offers lifetime complete purchase protection on its products; however, it depends on the purpose. For light bars and auxiliary lights for agriculture, industrial, mining, and public safety fields, there is a five-year warranty with the original proof of purchase. Similarly, for light bars and auxiliary lights for recreational and off-road vehicles, there is a limited lifetime warranty with the original proof of purchase.


Rigid Industries is one of the main powerhouses in the off-road lighting industry. They offer powerful lighting options for the Raptor, including but not limited to: fog lights, LED lights, and behind grille kits. These lights come in different colors for better customization, such as red and amber. Rigid specializes in light bars as well as pods. These are perfect for any scenario. The main difference between Rigid and other light companies is that you can find the right light based on the miles per hour, distance, and power emitted. Scene and diffused lights are optimal for short distances and low speeds. Driving and floodlights are great for seeing at medium distances anywhere between 10 to 50 miles per hour. Still, if you’re wanting to see a great distance ahead of you or are traveling at high speeds, spot and hyperspot lights are your best choice. No matter what, rigid light will illuminate any surface so you can easily get you where you’re going.

Rigid offers a full return policy if purchased within 60 days from an authorized seller. If it’s after 60 days, you can file a warranty claim with your Return Merchandise Authorization number, a copy of the original invoice, and a small description of the issue. There is a 10-year warranty on all Radiance light bars and pods, a three-year limited warranty on all truck-lite headlights, and a two-year limited warranty on all products with powder coat or finish wear. There is an additional two-year limited warranty on accessories, covers, mounting options, and kits. Rigid also offers a one-year limited warranty for its Under Water and Wake Flame series, interior dome lights, halo flashlights, and flashlight accessories. 

At Specialty Performance Parts, we offer the best Rigid, Baja, and KC HiLites Ford Raptor LED lights on the market. Check out our selection of light kits to best compliment your truck without needing major modifications.