How to Wire a Relay for Off-Road LED Lights

Do-it-yourself installation can be unnerving for inexperienced truck owners. After all, they don’t want to damage or mess with the truck’s mechanics and specifications. Fortunately, there are some projects any pickup truck owner can do to enhance their vehicle’s performance. One of these is wiring off-road lights. Here’s a short guide on how to wire a relay for off-road LED lights that will give you greater illumination power wherever you are.

Wiring Your Off-Road Lights with a Relay

  1. Identify the four prongs with 30, 87, 85, and 86. These may already be plugged into the wiring harness and switch. Disable the terminals on the short output wires with electric tape unless using both terminal sets.
  2. You’ll have to install the switch yourself if using an alternating current.
  3. Match the numbers on the prongs to their respective destinations. The #30 prong connects to the positive battery terminal or an alternative power source when the vehicle is turned on. The #87 prong connects to the positive side of the LED light. The #86 prong connects to the power source used to control the LED light bar, such as connecting it to the high beams or reverse lights. Lastly, the #85 prong connects to a grounding.
  4. You can safely alter the #85 and #86 prongs if wanting to wire the light bar in a unique way. For example, if you want to wire the light bar controlled to a separate switch, cut the #30 prong and then wire the light bar to the wiring harness.

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